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I was a little surprised to see Level 4 pre-gens in the D&D Next packet, and then read that players are supposed to make Level 3 characters, but apparently the decision was made late in the module development process. No matter, I plan to make my own Level 3 pre-gens like I always do, and I'll post what I make here.

I invite anybody to contribute their own pre-gens (4E or Next) to the thread as well.
You can find level 3 pre-gens in with the "Mines of Madness". As far as I can tell, they're the same characters.
Yeah, I like to have more than 5 or so pre-gens; let's me have some variety at the table while still covering a bunch of party roles.
D&D Next Character Pre-Gens
I like to have a lot of pre-gens for the D&D Next tables, because sometimes everybody at the table wants to play a martial character (and that should be allowed so that we can see whether or not it works in playtest) but there's only a couple in the packet. So, I went through and made as many unique pre-gens as I could earlier in the week. Sorry if they look rushed.

Pre-Gen Checklist

Dwarf Barbarian 3
Dwarf Cleric 3
Dwarf Fighter 3
Dwarf Monk 3
Dwarf Paladin 3
Dwarf Ranger 3
Dwarf Rogue 3

Elf Cleric 3
Elf Fighter 3
Elf Monk 3
Elf Ranger 3
Elf Rogue 3

Halfling Cleric 3
Halfling Druid 3
Halfling Fighter 3
Halfling Monk 3
Halfling Paladin 3
Halfling Rogue 3
Halfling Wizard 3

Human Cleric 3
Human Druid 3
Human Fighter 3
Human Monk 3
Human Ranger 3
Human Rogue 3
Human Wizard 3

A word as to symbology. I wanted to de-clutter the statblock, so I used a shield symbol to indicate the Armor Class to the left reflects the character using a shield. I used a starburst to indicate the Armor Class to the left reflects mage armor. And one character has a dual sword symbol to indicate the Armor Class to the left shows the defense bonus granted by the Two-Weapon Defense feat.

EDIT: Apparently, Google Docs doesn't like to give you the share links in order of the files, but rather some random order. Went through and fixed them by hand. Let me know if I screwed something up.
I created a cheat sheet for the current D&D Next packet, as an aid to players.

D&D Next Cheat Sheet
Great reference! Thanks!
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