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Back in the Manual of the Planes in 3.0, there was a Prestige Class called the "Divine Agent". It seems to be rarely discussed - it grants an additional domain, but has only 1/2 level spellcasting, so it is not overly powerful. But I like some of the concepts: in particular, it allows for contact (initiated by the deity), and some better versions of commune. It was, to the best of my knowledge, never really updated to 3.5 by an official product. It would fit a character I am planning, however: someone chosen directly by the Silver Flame but not working within the Church hierarchy.

There are is one major snag however.

Amongst the abilities the Divine Agent gains is a plane shift to the deity's native plane.

Which is rather difficult in Eberron.

The deities of the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six are beyond the planes, if they exist at all. This reliance on faith rather than getting an appointment with Aureon is really what makes Eberron's take on religion so special - and one of my favourite parts to boot. 

The Silver Flame exists, and even has a voice, but it is not on a different plane. It's not even in a specific location: the pillar of Flame in Flamekeep is a visible emanation, but not the spiritual force itself.

The Blood of Vol denies the existence or the divinity of "Gods" outright; the Seekers believe in the Divinity Within. Planeshifting to your own position seems rather redundant, to say the least. They use negative energy, but do not venerate it, so planeshifting to Mabar would be out.

The faiths of the Tairnadal and the Warforged are also not bound to the planes. Radiant Idols are not deities, much as they pretend to be, and specifically exiled from their home plane.

I could conceivably see this working for Greensingers (planeshift to Thelanis) and some other druid cults (with ties Lamannia), as well as for Dragon-Below Cultists (planeshift to Khyber, not that it's the smartest idea ever) and potentially for the Undying Court (though shifting to Shae Mordai is more teleport than planeshift).

So, do you have any ideas how (whether) this can be used in Eberron? If I have to, I'll just ignore the ability (i.e. it doesn't work), but perhaps someone here has a more creative idea.


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Having waited a week, I believe I shall bump this. I'd appreciate any thoughts and advice, please. Smile

My Eberron Characters. Commissions by various artists on Deviant Art.

Divine Agent seems like a very campaign-specific PrC if it's going to be used in Eberron. As in, each individual use would be a little different, so I don't think there's one generalized way of handling all Eberron deities. I might suggest some things, though.

For any commune-like ability in Eberron, there is a tendency to contact an individual that represents the same ideals as the deity you worship, so it's not a stretch to have it contact outsiders in Syrania or Shavarath for a follower of the Sovereign Host. If we're talking 4E, I suppose Baator is opened up for this option, too. Those who worship the Overlords or other native evil deities might also contact things down in Khyber. I could see a follower of the Silver Flame contacting the Voice of the Silver Flame, the Flame itself (thus becoming like The Voice), or even remaining Couatl. An agent of Aerenal might contact an Ascendant Councilor of the Undying Court.

But you're right: the most difficult part is the Plane Shift issue. I might treat it in the same manner as commune and plane shift to a plane that is representative of your beliefs. So even one of the Purified might then gain access to Syrania or maybe Daanvi. Although, since the Flame is rooted to Eberron, I may instead replace this with something else. I'm actually thinking of the Door to Great Evil spell from Ghostwalk. Instead of sending them to the Flame (which is everywhere), they're sent to somewhere the Flame is needed. I could see this ramping up the end of a campaign where the ability takes the player to an escaping Overlord or to the heart of Ashtakala.

Other religions could require a variety of changes.
Call me Ender.
Thanks Ender. The idea to use is to send an agent to where he is needed by means of Door to Great Evil idea is genius! It makes a lot of sense for the Silver Flame, and considering the hidden nature of so much evil on Eberron, it might also be used for a mystery adventure when the agent has to figure out just what he is required to do in an apparently (still) peaceful village. 

For the Host or the Dark Six, moving to a plane where outsiders who see themselves as representatives of the religion reside is also interesting. In that case, it might perhaps vary as to why the Agent feels he needs to shapeshift or get an "audience", sending him near an appropriate representative or oracle.

My Eberron Characters. Commissions by various artists on Deviant Art.

Another possibility could be to change it over to a kind of teleport without error spell to the central seat of power for your religion.  So as a Silver Flame agent, you could be anywhere in the world and teleport directly back to Flamekeep.
Thanks for the reply, Edymnion. Teleporting to Flamekeep might work, if the character venerates or focuses on that particular manifestation of the Silver Flame, rather than the entity itself. A Ghaash'kala would end up in, say, Maruk Dar, a shulassakar in Krezent... or perhaps all of these would be options to one of the Purified, provided he (a) knows of the place and (b) agrees that it is an aspect of his religion. Although (a) could perhaps be overriden, and he'd simply end up in the nearest holy site, along the lines of Find Temple. If so, I wonder whether it would allow the character to bypass teleporation wards. I'm not sure whether it has been stated anywhere, but I believe that the Chamber of the Flame and Krezent are warded against intrusion, and considering the general nature of the Demon Wastes, I would hesitate to teleport into the Labyrinth, even a comparatively safe Ghaash'kala fortress.

My Eberron Characters. Commissions by various artists on Deviant Art.

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