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Hey I would like to know how effective warlocks (infernal) are instead of a traditional controler (Eg a wizard) the party comp would be as followes.

Infernal conlock
Ranged rogue cunning sneak
bravra warlord (in plate built tanky)
chaladin (our main tank)
Sorry to double post but I could hybrid or whatever
They're fine. Warlocks were more or less regarded as Controllers in Strikers clothes for the longest time before they got their damage numbers buffed up. They still serve well in the role as a replacement, and the extra damage isn't bad either. Infernalocks are a bit more tanky than controllery, but they have access to all the controllery powers as well, and come Paragon you should have another good Pact option available to you, so it should work just fine.

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that's good to know the only bit I'm worried about is the lack of multi target at-will gona play a tiefling and were lv8 any way to get one?

edit un less fire bolt and  the lv 7 one which name escapes me that works like thunderwave will see me through
The controller part of warlock isnt necessarily in the AOE's, its more in the crippling status effects to one guy.

That said, the Dark Pact warlock in my campain is absolutely insane with Cursing everything rapidly then nuking it Cursebite/Cursegrind. 
ah keep thinking its the controllers job to nuke hordes of minions. I forget about the ruining the bbeg's day. To that end is vestige pact good to that end I can two fold at paragon to infernal. and pick up blood pact of caina then.

would solve my splash damage on firebolt worry its at 1d6+17 at current
ah keep thinking its the controllers job to nuke hordes of minions.

It is part of the controller job, and Warlocks don't do it so well.  Sorcerers can be pretty good at it.

In any case, the controller role, though powerful, is the more dispensible of the 4.  A party can do without a controller more easily than without a defender or leader, and strikers killing the bad guys faster is rarely ever a bad thing.



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