D&D Next version of Storm Over Neverwinter...starting loot for players

Anyone?  Help??
there are no rules for wealth when starting at a higher level.

as of right now, everyone gets 150 gold pieces when they make a character, no matter what level they start at. 

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Ah, ok.  Thank you
There are instructions for starting 4E characters in the DM packet.  There aren't any real instructions for the 5E characters in the conversion document.  All it really says is "Newly created characters start with appropriate wealth and can possess common magic items at your discretion."

The 4E characters start with 680 gp and the usual three magic items (level +1, level, level -1).

You could probably go ahead and give them the same starting gold (it will buy them the 'good armor' for their type). 
They also will encounter an NPC who can sell them potions (of healing) in the first encounter

I'd also be tempted to give them a magic item each -most likely common, but maybe uncommon.  I'm also a big fan of the AD&D miscellaneous magic items more so than the magic armor and weapons, but YMMV.

Maybe give the group a small list of items (maybe group size +2) and allow them to choose one item each.   Obviously magic items aren't necessary (unlike 4E).  But they are still fun.

650-680gp is pretty close to what the 4th level pre-gens have.

Since Against the Cult of Chaos was so stingy and the 4th level pre-gens had the 500gp tier armors I gave each character 450gp at 3rd plus any items from AtCoC plus a few similar items to what they sacrificed in the final encounter (+1 sword, pearl of power).

Storm over Neverwinter is similarly stingy.  Probably grant a larger score at the end (when they are 7th and heading into the Summer module).      
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