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I'm thinking of making a warband based around 4 Orc Barbarians and 4 Bugbear Berserkers. Thing is, I'm stuck for the rest of the warband. Any help would be appreciated.

Warband concept: pinball around your enemies as you slaughter them 
Commander: ???
maptiles: ???
28 total levels + ???
4 Orc Barbarian
4 Bugbear Berserker
4 ???

26 Orders (mostly done but I'm open to suggestions)
4 Hacking Frenzy
4 Magic Short Sword 
2 Furious Bellow

2 Tough as Nails (also get rid of pesky webs and faerie fires)
3 Defiant Stance (prevent damage and gain morale? sure!)
4 Tactical Block (prevent damage and untap? yeah!)

4 Relentless Advance
3 Into the Fray

Thanks in advance 
Bugbear Berserkers work amazingly well with Spring Attack.

Yeah, the challenge for this deck is going to be that the Bugbear and Orc Berserker are actually kind of awkward together; if you're not using Dex the Orc is basically better, and if you are, the Bugbear is, so it seems like most decks are going to want one or the other.  But far be it from me to contest a brew with specific requirements, so here are my thoughts:

Commander and Creatures
You want either card draw (to bring in more cards to feed into the machine) or card selection of some sort, or I guess both, I'd think.  That means for your commander and last four creatures you want either Kalteros + Drow Wizards (and run Arcane Rituals), Snigg + level 3 Wisdom creature (and run Schemes and Change of Plans), or Rhynseera and probably Elf Archers to claim treasure as the level 1's.

I think Snigg + Wisdom is almost certainly the best combo build you can make, but I also think that if you want a pure combo build you don't run Orcs, you just run bugbears because with Snigg's 5 creature hand you'll get the bugbears in plenty of time to do whatever it is you want to.  I also think Kalteros + Wizards is probably a lot like the Snigg/Wisdom plan but worse because you probanly don't need the 9 leadership.  So let's make this deck as different from the combo build as possible, and focus on being able to play and win a "fair" game if you can't just combo everything to death.  On that grounds, I'd say run Rhynseera and Elf Archers or that level 1 Orc that hits for 20, probably the latter.

Order Cards
Bugbears and Orc Barbarians definitely need Magic Short Swords to run the flip-out-and-kill-everyone plan with maximum reliability, so you're right you want those, though you might find 3 is enough with Rhynseera.  You're planning to make a bunch of attacks with a single Con creature, so you want that creature to be doing +10 damage; run at least 2 and probably 3 Undaunted Surge.  It's annoying that you have to play it before the Short Sword or anything else, but not disastrous and if you don't want to have to spend some effort assembling Voltron, you should probably play a different deck plan :P

Other than that, you want mostly attack cards.  There are three major concerns with a bugbear/berserker kill run: running out of movement, running out of cards, and not doing enough damage to kill your current target.  I think Hacking Frenzy is good, though I'm not sold on 4.  Here are other cards I think you should certainly run:
-Defensive Advantage and Slice: Address the problem of running out of cards.  I think Tactical Block is a great card, but probably not good in this deck; you don't want to run enough defense cards to make it shine, I'd think.
-Seize the Opportunity: This is the best defense card to use with Undaunted Surge and short swords, not close.  The fact that the attack fails if the free attack kills the guy is absurd, and if you have a Short Sword and Undaunted Surge, your guy is just flat immune to damage from anything with less than 30 HP left, which you shouldn't have much trouble arranging with this deck.  Also, because your guy untaps when adjacent creatures die, it's like a Tactical Block that prevents all damage and kills their guy.  (Obviously not always, but the vast majority of the time this is true.)
-Charge: Like Into the Fray, except not a terrible card.  (You might still have to run some number of Into the Fray since you can't reliably run the good Dex movement cards, but you should certainly max out on Charge first.)
-Daring Attack: Like a better Quick Jab on anyone with a Magic Short Sword, mostly.  Kind of awkward in that if you kill the enemy with it, your guy might untap twice and "waste" an untap, but I think you still need it to make sure you can take down things like Dragon Knights.

Lack of Quick Jab certainly hurts the combo potential.  You could play it,  but then you reallly don't want to make kill runs with anything that isn't a bugbear so it again makes the orcs look kinda dumb which isn't the point of the brew.  You could think about running Level Up and Heroic Surge again and just plan to really assemble Voltron to the tune of Undaunted Surge, Level Up, Magic Short Sword on one guy who just wigs out and kills everything, which has the benefit of being pretty hilarious.  If you really want to induce opponent rage, you could then add Vorpal Sword, at which point it is probably impossible for them to win, though of course at that point you probably deserve it :P

Anyway, those are my thoughts. 

... I'd say run Rhynseera and Elf Archers ...

Sounds good to me. I'll run with that. On the absence of Quick Jab and Spring Attack - yes, you got the idea - I just want to be able to play every card to support either barbarians or berserkers once I start the combo chain. Taking your advice into account and hopefully I'll do well when I next get to play this. So here's the new and improved Warband:

Warband name: Pinball Suicide Squad
Warband concept: pinball around your enemies as you slaughter them 
Commander: Rhynseera (trade your cards for the Swords and move orders)
Maptiles: anything w/o arcane circles and hazards 

32 total levels
4 Orc Barbarian
4 Bugbear Berserker
4 Elf Archer

34 Orders (over 30 but might be trimmed down after a few rounds of playing)
2 Hacking Frenzy
4 Magic Short Sword
4 Undaunted Surge
3 Daring Attack
3 Slice

3 Seize the Opportunity
3 Defensive Advantage

4 Charge
4 Relentless Advance
4 Into the Fray

First few rounds, since all your creatures have a speed of 7, quickly collect treasure to bolster your Morale. By the time your half of the treasure runs out, you should have enough cards to venture into enemy territory for theirs. Reserve your Hacking Frenzies for their fatter creatures but cycle them away with your Commander ability if they don't seem to be around. Frenzy, together with Undaunted Surge and Sword deals out a total of 70 unpreventable damage. This is enough to kill any level 3 or lower. The 12 "moves" orders are the key to this warband because you really want to "pinball". Once you have (a) one "move" for every enemy creature in range, and (b) Sword and Surge, it's clobbering time!

Have fun with this warband and please post any observations here if you manage to play it.

hey put 4 goblin champs in and you will have the axe gang from kung fu hustle


New warband brainstorming Cool

I'm trying to build it based on the idea of Snig and a lightning quick horde of undead.

Commander: Snig

12 Creatures: 39 total levels
3x Lich Necromancer
4x Gravehound
1x Vampire Stalker
4x Skeletal Tomb Guardian

Orders (34, 8 Imm Defense/16 Offense/10 Misc)
4 Cloud of Bats
4 Dimension Door
4 Arcane Ritual 
4 Blast of Force

4 Death Sentence 

4 Reckless Attack

4 Unbreakable

4 Sacrifice
2 Reinforcements

Maptiles: Any tiles with Arcane Circle.

How to play: 

On the rare occassion that you don't have a lich even after initial deployment, use Reinforcements (if you have it) to reshuffle for it. It's crucial that you have it out asap. You only need one though - don't deploy more than one - you'll need a replacement if it dies.

You want to deploy your lich and get it into an Arcane Circle with Ritual ASAP. 

Always keep a couple of orders in hand for bluffing purposes.
The Death Sentences are there for your Tomb Guardians so that
they can trigger their special ability again. Try to protect the Guardians with Unbreakable.

Dimension Door/Blast of Force combo:
Some time during your turn when you have deployed some undead next to your lich,
and you see a lone target that you can finish off, here's something to pull off.
First, qualify the target by making sure you can slide it 8 squares into the middle of your minions.
Then Dimension Door to it and Blast it.
Now slide it into the middle of your minions.
Then move your lich to a safe spot. Ready?
Now proceed to serve savage beatdown on said target.


D Door Blast Beatdown is Pretty nasty!
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