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I've created this wizard, but I would like some people's opinions about how it could be optimized.
Character Sheet

Therius Magesblood, Level 1 Tiefling Wizard 

22 HP 
15 AC 
11 Fort 
15 Ref 
14 Will
6 Speed 
+1 Initiative

Stat Array: 
Strength 8 (-1) 
Constitution 12 (0) 
Dexterity 12 (+1) 
Intelligence 20 (+5) 
Wisdom 13 (+1) 
Charisma 14 (+2) 

Trained Skills: 
Arcana (+10), History (+10), Religion (+10), Diplomacy (+7) 

Untrained Skills:
Bluff (+4), Stealth (+3), Intimidate (+2), Streetwise (+2), Acrobatics (+1), Dungeoneering (+1), Endurance (+1), Heal (+1), Insight (+1), Nature (+1), Perception (+1), Thievery (+1), Athletics (-1) 

Passive Perception: 11 
Passive Insight: 11 

Racial Features: 
Fire Resistance 
Infernal Wrath 

Class Features:
Orb of Imposition (Arcane Implement Mastery) 

Ritual Casting 

Feats: Enlarge Spell 

Winged Horde (At-Will) 
Freezing Burst (At-Will) 
Infernal Wrath (Encounter) 
Force Orb (Encounter) 
Fountain of Flame (Daily) 

Standard Adventurer's Kit 
Cloth Armor (Robe)

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It's hard to really think of ways to optimize/improve a lot of level 1 character sheets. Short of having your ability scores lined up properly and the right powers picked, there's just not a lot of wiggle room. You're fine with what you have, especially if you read up on the Wizard CharOp guide thread on this very forum (Archmage's Ascension).

What will help is knowing what direction you want to take the character, how far this character is expected to go in terms of levels in the campaign it's being played in, and what is and isn't allowed in the campaign - and also the other people you're playing with and the level of optimizaiton they're running with. Otherwise we can tell you all sorts of shenanigans, but it won't help if we give you a bunch of Fire optimization stuff and it turns out your campaign's set in some weird-ass campaign where pyromancy is punishable by death or something.
There's no real restrictions and I'm not 100% on the level of optimization the others have done, buit there is a human Storm Sorcerer, a Dwarf Warden, we are missing a leader role since the guy dropped out, and I'm playing this character, if that'll help with optimizing the Synergy.

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I'm no man of honour Myself is my true king But somewhere deep within me The bells of conscience ring

He's the DM.

[Not being Snarky.  He knows exactly how the campaign will run.  I'm sure the most appropriate powers will be chosen.]
A lot of folks push using a different implement during heroic, then tacking on orb of imposition at paragon when you can really amp up the save penalties.

I can't speak much to that other than feeling pretty awesome with a staff wizard with high defenses who didn't have to worry too much if he ended up on the front line (staff expertise, staff of defense, shield, etc.) but still able to hold it down on the control front. 
Yeah, that's what I'm doing.  Staff wizard up to paragon, second implement to orb.  Vanilla (but effective) control wizard with a bit of damage thrown in.  More generalist than anything.
I wouldn't start with enlarge spell. It might be nice later on, but for level one you might not get much traction out of it. An expertise feat would give you +1 to hit.
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