Dungeon Command Strategy

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Dungeon Command Strategy

By Peter Lee, Chris Dupuis

Now that Dungeon Command has 3 faction packs out (Heart of CormyrSting of Lolth and Tyranny of Goblins), Designers Peter Lee and Chris Dupuis decided to set aside an afternoon for some constructed warband battles using 4 of each set.

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This article is a reprint of one that came out a few months ago. Seeing as how WotC does not post new articles on Sunday, I suspect this one was reposted by accident. It is exactly the same as before, including the error of including a drow warband instead of a goblin one.

Now for some speculation... there's going to be an article soon about DC and the webmaster screwed it up, posting the wrong article on the wrong day. The correct article, the one where they announce the new sets, will posted on Monday Wink  (please, please, please) 
I'd really like to see that!