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Looking to get more into the Eberron setting and I was hoping to see if there was a published novel that focused on Eberron and more specifically artificers. So any novels that focus on this awesome class?
Keith Baker's first series of Eberron novels has an artificer as a main character, Lei, scion of House Cannith.
Lei is a main character in the Dreaming Dark series, and an artificer named Drix plays an important part in The Fading Dream (book three of the Thorn series).
As already mentioned, the Dreaming Dark Trilogy features Lei, and The Fading Dream Drix. Tim Waggoner's Blade of the Flame Trilogy also features an artificer, Tresslar, as one of the heroes, starting halfway through the first book. All three are great examples of what artificers can be.

Don Bassingthwaite's Dragon Below Trilogy books have a few references to Dhakaani artificers, but so far as I recall, they do not feature an artificer hero.

There also is an endearing kobold artificer in Jeff LaSala's Darkwood Mask, though it's a supporting role, not a lead. Nevertheless, it shows the importance of artificers to adventuring quite nicely.

Many other books mention them as background, given their importance to the economy in Khorvaire. A few more have members of Cannith who are not necessarily artificers, for instance, Rich Wolfe's Heirs of Ash series, which revolves around the heritage of an important Cannith artificer.

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There is also a tiefling artificer in the Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy that joins the group in Book 2 (IIRC). His skills are integral to the heroes' plans.
For book 3 of the Thorn series, do you have to read the first 2 books to get a real feel for what is going on?
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