What is text of rogue's shadow stride power?

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Sorry, but again.
Shadow Stride was updated in past.

Shadow Stride
Page 122: A Requirement entry was added, removing
the requirement from the former Effect entry.
The Effect entry now directs you to make a Stealth
check before movement.

It's description is too insufficient. So, anyone can paste that power from DDI?
I appreciate your help :D
Shadow Stride

You silently step from shadow to shadow, slipping past your foes unseen and unheard.

At-Will        Martial
Move Action      Personal

Prerequisite: You must have training in Stealth.

Requirement: You must be hidden.

Effect: Make a Stealth check and then move up to your speed to a square where you have cover or concealment. You take no penalty to the check if you move more than 2 squares. Unless the check fails to beat an enemy’s passive Perception, you remain hidden during the move, even if you have no cover or concealment during it.

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Thank you for your help.
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