Dark Sun Character issue. Brawler Fighter with Talids or Spiked Guantlets.

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OK, so I'm going to be playing in a Dark Sun game, and I'm making a Brawler fighter, or rather I made one, more accurately a friend made one for me, because he has DDI.

The question I have, is what's the difference between a pair of 'Talid' gladiator gauntlets and Spiked Gauntlets?  Why can't the Brutal Brawler feat apply to the Talids?

(We're going to house rule that they do, but I'm curious to hear any reasoning behind it.)
A talid and a spiked gauntlet are not same named game elements but  two different weapons and the Brutal Brawler feat only increase spiked gaunthlet damage. That's why the Character Builder doesn't bump its [W] die.

Brutal Brawler: The damage die of your unarmed attacks increases to 1d6. Your damage die for spiked gauntlets increases to 1d8.

The real issues is that Brutal Brawler needs to be errata'd to include Talids, since Talids are the Dark Sun equivalent of Spiked Gauntlets.

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