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Hello guys!

I've recently finished filming a short film I've made about my friends coming together for a final campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, it will be released late april. And for now I have the teaser that is available for all to see!

along with a behind the scenes we did! 

People have started showing an interest in it and thats always good! upon release I plan to throw up a kickstarter pitch so we can we do the film for a much larger budget. 

but for now! enjoy
The teaser video on youtube, although it didn't show any action or fighting, was actually very good.  The vista, showing the characters, the camera angles and the music all worked together extremely well.  Already you can get a feel for some of the characters and how they will act, especially the Axe guy who looks like he's on a mission to kick some ***.  Good job !!  I look forward to seeing the full thing :D
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