¿What is the best colour to start playing?

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I want to beggin with magic the gathering and I have tried a green maze but maybe there are another colour better to start with. Thanks

Excuse my english, I am from spain 
You should begin with what best suits your playstyle and your goals in playing the game.

So, what do you want to do during a game of Magic? Play lots of creature and overwhelm your opponent, or shall it be one or two big critters to stomp him into the ground? Do you want to be tricky and manipulate what your opponent gets and does as well as do it for yourself? Are you the active or reactive kind of player? Do you want to combine cards' effects for some spectacular combo or simply even greater effects? Do you want to simply destroy and burn everything on sight? Do you like to play powerful cards, even if they have severe costs attached?
Green is a good starting color. You have access to mana ramping (spells that can search your library for lands) which makes it easier to play stuff. There's plenty of Hexproof creatures if your friends like to blow up your creatures and the creatures themselves are pretty big and intimidating.

White, Red or Green are good starting colors. Blue is perhaps the most powerful but it requires you to constantly evaluate your opponent and counter/control what they are doing. Blue also typically lacks a decent or straight-forward win condition. Black is a very fun color but almost everything in it requires you to build around it or make some sacrifice for the advantage it gives you.

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Kaalia (the beats)


Zur (disgusting combo)


Damia (Bug Elf deck)


Numot (Stax)


Griselbrand (French)


Ghave (Uber combo)


Muzzio (Oops, Blightsteel)

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Black and blue are generally bad for new players. White, green and red should generally be fine. Green and red probably the most.
Mono-colored decks are usualy easier and cheaper than other decks.
Thanks for the answers I am going to start with the basic magic 2013 green basic deck , and when I had more experience I am going to try a black deck ^^ thanks and again excuse my english!
I'd say green is the easiest color, followed by red
both just want to bash their opponent in, most of the time. red is a bit more complicated because you often have to decide if you want to get rid of a creature or deal more damage to your opponent, that can be a tough decision at times

white can also be pretty straight forward.

black and blue are most often control decks, those are more difficult for new players to get into
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I started with black, then onto red, then green.
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