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how does Retraining Shield Proficiency: Light Shield Affect Shield Proficiency: Heavy Shield?

this question is ofcause assuming that you have taken them both as feat...
i've been wondering this for a while as the light shield slot is annoying me when i am using a heavy shield D: 

thank you for answering this question in advance
You can't retrain something which is a prerequisite for something else, unless you've already retrained out the thing it's a prerequisite for.  I dont recall whether light shield prof is a prerequisite for heavy shield prof feat, but if it is, you have to keep both.
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it is a prerequisite for heavy shield
thanks for the quick answer...

do you remember where it says this?? 
reason i ask is that Character builder allows you to do this i just discovered :s 
Replacing a Feat
    Retraining can replace one feat with another. The character must meet the prerequisites of the new feat. A feat can’t be replaced if it’s a prerequisite for any of the character’s other attributes (such as another feat or a paragon path) or if the feat is a feature of his or her class, paragon path, or epic destiny. 

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Just needed to know the wording since the CB allowed me to do it through retraining, but it's just the CB that is broken again  
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