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D&D Insider ArticleDragon 422

By Steve Winter, Mark Monack, Daniel Helmick, Matt Sernett, Ed Greenwood

Dying is easy; comedy is hard. Those words weren't penned for roleplayers, but they could have been. This month: satyrs, tinker gnomes, and unique character backgrounds!.

Talk about this magazine here.

The HotF-esque (but actually even MORE refined and well thought-out) random background tables is absolutely brilliant and one of the best things 4e has delivered. 

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"brilliant and one of the best things 4e has delivered. " too bad it will never make it into the character builder, the feywilds one didnt and with the recent reveal about the updates i highly doubt this one will either; not that it would be hard to do all it is inserting the table with a dice roller.
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