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Hi MTG community, I'm relatively new the game, and I'm looking for constructive tips for my deck. Should I  3 or 4 mentor? and what about intangible virtue? Thanks guys

Main board: 


4x Blood Artist
2x High Priest of Penance
3-4x Mentor of the Meek
4xDoomed traveler
2xSkirsdag High Priest
2xSorin, Lord of Innistrad
3xCartel Aristocrat

3-4x Intangible Virtue

4x Lingering Souls
2-3x Gather the townsfolk
3xultimate price

22x lands

Maybe board:
3x Thraben Doomsayer I have been told he's too slow to play, though I really like his fateful hour 
3x Mikaeus, the Lunarch
3x Midnight Haunting
Side board:
2x Blind Obedience

Edit #1: What about Precinct Captain or Divine deflection
Its probably a given, but I'm gunna ask anyways. Do you use the needed dual lands?

Though I get the point of Intangable, I feel that because of the low power over all of your creatures, perhaps using Blind obedience mainboard would be more to your benefit and run a full set of Cartels.  
Personal suggestions says to move some of the card count around a little... this might be helpful?:

Planeswalkers/Creature x20
2x Sorin, Lord of Innistrad
Blood Artist
3x High Priest of Penance
2x Mentor of the Meek
4x Doomed traveler
2x Skirsdag High Priest
3x Cartel Aristocrat
1x Mikaeus, the Lunarch

Enchantment x6
3x Intangible Virtue
3x Blind Obedience

Instant/Sorcery x12
2x Midnight Haunting
4x Lingering Souls
2x Gather the townsfolk
4x Tragic Slip

Land x22
Godless, Isolated Chapel, and possibly Cavern of Souls
Everyone hates on Evolving Wilds, but I've seen it do wonders in a deck with no land grab and little draw power. 
If token swarming is your goal, you should consider adding some green to this deck.  It opens up options like Call of the Conclave, Parallel Lives, and when Dragon's Maze comes out, it also gives you Advent of the Wurm.

Either way, you should add more removal.  Skirsdag High Priest will have a hard time working correctly if you can't kill something, and it would be more ideal if that something belonged to your opponent.  Orzhov Charm would help with that, as well as provide other options.

Like Dunamos said, Blind Obedience should be mainboard.  And while you're at it, add some other extort creatures, like Kingpin's Pet or Basilica Screecher.  Your spells don't cost much, so getting extort off should be easy.
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