Superfriends/Naya mix for X-cast win!

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Bump, I could really use some suggestions about this one! (:
I don't see much rhyme or reason behind these cards.  You say that your goal is X-cast cards, but to make that work, you'll need a ton of mana.  By the time you get it, most decks will have run you over.

Some of your card choices are suspect as well.  Urban Evolution?  No.  Mercurial Chemister isn't as bad, but still doesn't feel right.  If your goal is X-casting, try adding cards like Nimbus Swimmer, Slime Molding, and Primordial Hydra.  I feel like you're too focused on X-casting and as a result, you're lacking in cards that you actually need.
And that's why I needed help with this, haha
The goal is the win with heavy hits, more or less. But Slime Molding and Nimbus Swimmer are good ideas. I'll have to see if I can get my hands on a Hydra, too.

I'm more worried about the early game aggro hate after some more testing. I have no problem mana ramping, but when it's not until about turn 3-5 I can do any field wiping.  
BUMP with major edits. Thoughts?? :D
Too many one-ofs.  It almost looks like you're trying to go Naya ramp.

Your Mana Curve is rediculously high too.  You run 4 seven cmc creatures.  They're rarely going to see play.

If you still want to go with your current strategy, drop the 7 cmc creatures for Boros Charms and Damage preventers like Fog.  You need a way to keep yourself and your mana dorks alive.
Your deck need serious work and your lands 21 won't cut it. Midrange need 24. Too bad no Thragtusk...always must have. Not easy mission to make guys big. Always keep your curve

Here your ideals to make your deck better

Number....Cost (Look at top right side of the card...fill your void) (My creature pick)

4 Avacyn's Pilgrim
4 3 (Boros Reckoner)
4 4 (Huntmaster of the Fells)
4 4 (Restoration Angel)
4 5 (Thragtusk)
1 5 (Thundermaw Hellkite)
1 5 (Zealous Conscripts)
2 Aurelia. the Warleader

4 Farseek
2 Mizzium Mortars
2 Aurelia's Fury (Domri Rade)
2 Selesnya Charm (Searing Spear)
2 Assemble the Legion (Garruk Relentless)

24 lands
1 Clifftop Retreat
1 Forest
2 Kessig Wolf Run
4 Rootbound Crag
4 Sacred Foundry
4 Stomping Ground
4 Sunpetal Grove
4 Temple Garden

You need Kessig Wolf Run

You should be able to go smoothly with that Naya Midrange curve. That list is first place list in major which is very good

I actually have virtually no mana problem what-so-ever, haha.

But yeah, after some testing, I rarely draw some of the really big guys. When I get them out, it's funny. But it's rare. Will probably trade out the Primordial and the Tyrant for 2 Fog / Boros Charm right off the bat.

Want to run Kessig-Wolf Run now. It slipped my mind.

Resto Angels and Huntmasters are hard for me to get, which is why I wanted to ramp pretty heavy into the Trostani and Gisela's.
But, well noted and I'll try to get more.

Thundermaw and Thragtusk are personal issues. I hate them both with a passion, playing with or against. If I was playing to go pro, I'd use em. I just want to be a bit of competition is all. haha

I'll edit and post results... THANKS! :D 
It's a bit of a Magic circus, with all the weird freak creatures that no one ever plays because.. well, they're weird. Tyrant of Discord is prime example. Not that I mind too much, I run Laboratory Maniac and Biovisionary decks.

I foresee problems against aggro decks, which would merit either early removal in the form of Searing Spear of Pillar of Flame or something of that nature, or mass board removal (Terminus and Magmaquake or better, Blasphemous Act). I definitely agree with shrinking the number of 1-ofs and increasing the number of cards you can use to survive early aggro. 

Other than that, I like a hilarious deck-list like this, and best of luck. 
Thank you! That was the main point! :D I actually just made some edits that I'm testing out.

"NOTE2: Added more early save-my-butt cards. Still no mana problems, though. Testing to see if the other Naya-Innistrad lands help at all. Definitely keeping the Kessig, don't see the Township helping too much, though." 
Gavony Township is bad. Too expensive for 1 p/t increase. Banners Raised is better than that. Kessig is okay, but you have to dump a lot of mana to make it really good, something this deck might be able to do, but at the loss of a spell or creature that turn. 

I also want to mention the Sundering Growth in your sideboard. You say you're kicking it for Wear/Tear, and I'm definitely against that. You have Grove of the Guardian and Entreat the Angels, both of which make tokens that would be hilarious to have more of. You could also consider Call of the Conclave, or Gather the Townsfolk and get more utility out of Sundering Growth. Destroying a Detention Sphere or something and getting another 8/8 creature for 2 mana seems pretty good. 
Township gives you counters, banner's raised is terrible. Rally the peasants is far better.
Yeah, the Township was totally useless. Drew it a fair amount, never got to use it. Rarely had anything to use it with, because my win condition is usually a beat-out with Clan Defiance/Aurelia's Fury or a combo or Aurelia, the Warleader/Gisela, Blade of Goldnight.

Kessig Wolf Run isn't extremely useful. But every once in awhile when I have it out, it turns the tables a tab bit.

After the first time I used Grove of the Guardian.  I realized I'm not swapping the Sundering Growth's. So you're definitely correct there.

I did consider Call of the Conclave and Gather the Townsfolk, but I would prefer to have 2 more Selesnya Charm if I go that route. Which I don't. Not sure why. lol

Rally the Peasants and such were also thoughts, but then the problem was holding them in hand too often with just that one or two less mana to utilize it with Aurelia or Gisela.

I need draw power. I thout about Garruk's Packleader or Soul of the Harvest. Thoughts...?
Township gives you counters, banner's raised is terrible. Rally the peasants is far better.

Yeah, I couldn't think of that card, but it is better. Either way, Township is bad. Especially here.
Selesnya Charm is a multitool, and would work as an okay target for populate.

As for the draw, Garruk's Packleader is better for Call of the Conclave, Grove of the Guardian, and Entreat the Angels.

Soul of the Harvest is bigger and better as a creature, but doesn't give you draw on the tokens, which may or may not be as good depending on how many of each you draw in a game. You may want to test each, I'm sort of in favor of Garruk's Packleader though because of how ridiculous it can be with Entreat the Angel
Twas my thoughts exactly after I reread the Harvest.
I'm going to get a couple, swap 'em in, and see how it works. Right now, I'm running 1 Staff of Nin to little avail. Thank you, sir. 
Update bump...?
I'm done with this deck. Am tourney testing all week, and probably trashing afterwards. Thanks for the help everyone!