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Does anyone have any information on Minotaurs in Athas? I couldn't find any information on the subject and I'm trying to write an article about them for a project idea.

So far, I kind of made up a bit of stuff for them.

I decided that one of the best places for Minotaur clans would be in the vast network of caverns in the Ringing Mountains. They're quite reclusive and spend their time honing their skills. Some of Atha's best warriors are from Minotaur clans; Gladiators, Battleminds, Druids, etc. Just some ideas.

If anyone has any ideas and would like to help me with my project, I would greatly appreciate it!
i dont recall a champion ever being assigned the minotaur race, so i would say use em. i like the way dark sun races are generally the worst the race has to offer, so in the PHB it says:

"Minotaurs embody the tension between civilization and savagery, discipline and madness, for they stand in two worlds. Tugged toward violence but bound by conscience. numerous minotaurs are driven to rise above their dark impulses. Such a minotaur seeks the balance between the monstrous and the refined. Innumerable minotaurs give in to the temptations staining their souls and find themselves thralls to Baphomet. the Horned King. Minotaurs must struggle to become more than the beasts they resemble or else succumb to the demonic brutality they despise."

so i would re-skin them for athas as total savages, the violent arm of the Primal spirit's will. i would agree with the cavern dwelling location for there settlements, occasionally digging tunnels underneath the sorcerer king's cities to burst thru and wreak havoc on the defilers homes, fighting to the death in the names of the Primals. rumors of small villages and trading camps disappearing in a single nights time, leaving not a single corpse, but all goods and currency intact, surround the Minotaur's legend.  they may have loose alliances with giants and halflings, recognizing and honoring there ferocity and unwavering allegiance to the primals. they would favor barbarians and druids, but not the peace loving druids like sorak in the nomad trilogy, but brutal and savage druids who will violently fight to defend the planet, and to eradicate civilizations.

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Details of the Minotaur race for 4e Dark Sun can be found on page 30 in the Dark Sun Campaign Setting book.

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I can tell you that a small number of minotaurs live in the city-state of Balic (apparently the wealthiest city-state of Athas) and that large humanoid races (minotaurs included) often have some kind of hold or structure in the region called the Estuary of the Forked Tongue.  "Giant holds might be cave complexes, ruined towns, or clusters of large, crude mud huts, and they are usually surrounded by thorny brush walls that form palisades.  Chiefs of giant holds take titles such as 'king' or 'lord' and levy tribute from nearby tribes or settlements of lesser races."

Hostiles minotaur and tarek tribes can be found in the Mountains of the Teeth, which lie right next to the Estuary of the Forked Tongue.  A region called the Broken Butte is home to a vicious tribe of minotaurs that eat people.  They like to prey on travelers that get lost in the mazes of canyons and ravines.  A few minotaur traders can be found on Lake Island, one of the larger and more hospitable islands of the Sea of Silt.
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