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okay, so Im DMing a sort of Wreck it Ralph themed campaign for my two kids and their older cousin, and we're having a hellova time

My daughter (7) has been having trouble keeping track of her spells and rituals for her changeling wizard, so im putting together a little spellbook with some mystical doodles and fun fonts in it. its looking kinda cool, but now im realizing the boy (5) is gonna be PISSED if he doesnt get something too for his warforged fighter

since he cant read yet, I was thinking of just pictues of his character performing the various attacks, but what would be a cool way to display them? maybe a cybernetic looking cube he can hold with his at wills and stuff on the sides?  im really puzzled what would be cool yet helpful for him. id ike to keep it with a robotic theme to go with his character.
A wrist gauntlet or some other wearable thing that makes him feel like it's an implanted or attached item. It can have things inscribed on it. I bet you can repurpose some Iron Man toys for that kind of thing.

Warforged each have a unique mark on their forehead. Have him help you come up with his.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

great idea man, thanks. I have just the thing in mind
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