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Don't I wish...

It has been a while since the last time I was here but, in between commissions, I've kept working on my 'alternate version' Magic cards.

Here comes my Serra Angel, loosely inspired by classical images of archangels in plate armor.


Comments welcome. 
My on-line portfolio: The Art of Tiziano Baracchi
I really like this piece for its craftsmanship.

Only thing I might criticize is that the lower body looks overly contorted and confusing... I think it would help if it wasn't cropped so tightly and you flared the back of the loincloth up to the right away from the legs and lightened it(or just take it out . The armour has a nice original look though.

Really really great detail work, Tiziano! I was glad to see you posted... thank you for sharing this!

Hm, yeah, I have to agree with DS... the anatomy feels a little odd here. The chest also seems oddly placed and maybe overemphasized.

I really like the armor design, though--especially the color choices. And the overall composition is quite nice. Yeah, I like it overall!
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Thank you both!

Yes, I see your points. I really was in a quandary here wanting both to have enough of a close-up to show details and space enough to show her in flight. I might try another angel later on from a different point of view.  
My on-line portfolio: The Art of Tiziano Baracchi
Hello again.

Look into making creatures/depictions that are instantly relevant.
For example, Chun Lo started painting Eldrazi when Zendikar was big.

Doing images of each guild in Ravnica would show that you understand style guide differences and exhibit what niche you can easily fit into.

Many players love alternate art of their EDH/Commanders. Look at "remaking" those-they tend to be shared more by people, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Best of luck,
- Mike 
Thank you so much for the great tips, Mike, will start working on them ASAP.

My latest was a remake of Llanowar elves, since it's already done I'll post it later today.  
My on-line portfolio: The Art of Tiziano Baracchi
Where as my compatriots have said their piece, I can actually see what the problem is.
Her right leg is too low and too far to the right for that position. The clothing and the rest isn't a problem, it's just the positioning of her right leg that throws everything else off.
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