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I played a couple of times years ago, but not with this group. (We have a group of about 9) Two are already interested in rp'ing within the game and I'm interesting in doing the same. Want to do it because I'm sure the DM iwants a slightly more serious group and ours is somewhere about 30% incharacter and 70% out of. I don't want to force the whole group too, but I want to.

I've already grown accustom to memorizing their names, referring to them by their character names, and try to attempt more realistic dialogue. [edit] what can I do to get into the game even more?

Feedback, tips, and opinions please!

Sadly there is no one answer which can be given, because everyone’s mind works differently.  

First of all, I’m glad you’re looking more into RP I honestly can’t stand being at tables that don’t have a few good RPers at it.

For me since I have RPed so many years, before the game starts I find a quite spot and just think about my character, and what they are like and what drives them; I then (as odd as it sounds) talk to myself in that characters voice and try to think of things a character would say in various situations.

For my friend, he finds an anime/movie character that is similar to his own and watches a verity of clips on them on you-tube.

Some people just RP as if they are themselves that character, and the characters acts just as they would if they found themselves facing a goblin horde. (I dislike this approach because all their characters blend into one another)

There are many other ways, and when first starting out it can be very awaked, but if you stick with it long enough it becomes seconded nature to switch your voice/personality/outlook to that of a characters.

If you really want to get serious I’d suggest looking online for various methods of acting, since acting and roleplaying are in the same camp.
hope this helps!


Asside from 'stick or carrot' methods, there isn't much to be done sadly. I do a lot of what clive does, jotting down quotes that come into my head, there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other mediums. I made a wizard inspired by 'jack' from mass effect 2, an angry wizard who used anger as his spell focus. His somatic components were vulgar hand gestures and each spell was tied to some sort of cursing for verbal components I took eschew materials to avoid that last part. 

Another time I took to motivational posters and put together two of 'lawful evil' and 'cleric' both with darth vader, so I made a cleric to a LE god of war I made him dress in black with a flaming scimitar for a 'lightsaber'. He started as a LE prisoner of war to the forces of good allowing his lawful brand of brutality to slowly slide him to LN over the adventure.

You could try reading some books or plays that feature a character similar to the one your trying to roleplay as, such as The Screwtape Letters for a cunning and evil character, or a Sherlock Holmes for a detective themed character.
Just practice. I had a lot of experience with fantasy writing, and online text rp that was like collaborative writing before I got into this game, but I find it difficult to improvise irl. Just get to really know your character well. Try to write out a good, in depth bio/background on the character, and keep it with you during games. I used to have a lot of fun writing up character profiles and applications for online games, and it helps you get to know your character. 
write out a hand full of strong options and characteristics your characters has. 
If you are playing a cleric, develop a set of commandments for him to follow.
If you are playing a fighter, create a combat code of ethics for him to follow. Give him something that scares the whillies out of him that would make him break his code.

Things like that help you interact with the other players more, and hopefully bring out more roleplaying in them as well.
In order to get your group to roleplay someone has to set an example. If you want to improve your ability to roleplay I suggest you take the time to think about what things look like in the game. Try to imagine what traits your character has and act them out. Put yourself in the situation and then act accordingly applying that defined personality. Look at your statistics to give you an idea of what your character acts like and how he looks. Perhaps his dex is low because he has shaky hands. Maybe he slouches because of his low con or strength. So on and so forth.
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