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Spell Compendium

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The Spell Compendium deals exclusively with spells used by the classes and prestige classes introduced in the 3.5 Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide, but even if you’re playing a different spellcasting class, you can still use this book. TheSpell Compendium offers advice (included in the following excerpt) to help you decide how to adopt spells for your character. In today's preview, we look at spells that help summon aid to the spellcaster's side—be it elementals, archons, or the undead.

Talk about this excerpt here.

Wow great!

Page Count: 160
Price: $49.95; C$58.00

Nevermind... great in a few years on ebay for $18-20 plus shipping.


I just said something and you just read it. Sorry about that.

Yeah every reprints they did don't sell cheap. 
I have sticker shock when I see most prices on any of their books for quite some time now (years). I was an avid collector, and bought at retail all through TSR days and a good handful of WoTC takeover-years, with the exception of a few books when collecting OOP stuff at comic stores or a garage sale and odd places.

So with that, yes I feel their books cost too much. But the real "shock" part is their books never scale with content. I become even more dismayed when I see their 3.5 Core books at 300+ pages for ~$50.00 (Consideration to buy: apprehensive) *then* they put out an accompanying book just after at half the content for the exact same price! (Consideration to buy: near hostile).

I'm mostly ranting here because the overall theme of these sub-forums (Future releases) are about the printed version. =)


I just said something and you just read it. Sorry about that.

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