Two players looking for 4e group (online)

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Edit: Sorry guys, due to unforseen schedule changes we've had to halt our plans with this group.
But keep watching cause we will most likely repost when our schedule frees up again cause we are really interested in getting a group for this when time permits
Thank you all for your interest and good luck with your endeavours! 
Hi, i would be interested in playing but it depends on times as i dont have a lot of free time. im free mainly mondays and wednesdays.
Hi, firstly congrats on the engagement

secondly id love to join if youll have me . Fairly new player but ive played a few campaigns before and a decent understanding of rules etc.

Luckily enough i share a similar sleep schedule and a sence of humor.

I live in the UK so the time diffrence wont really be a problem.

Sadly im not confident enough to be DM although would live to in the future and am already writing campaigns.


oh yeah i have skype and roll 20 too.

hey! very new to this whole d&d thing but would love to get involved in a game, time permitting. I'm uk too so no problems there and I can't see installing roll20 being too taxing :p soooo, yeah count me in if you want me.
I have never played $e but I can get the rulebooks and read up. I have a little bit of experience with 3.5 but I am pretty much always available. I'm 14 and have never played before with a group but i really want to so i think youguys would be perfect.
Thank you all for your replies!
However, please see the edit of the original post. Sorry and good luck! 
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