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I just started to play D&D 4 as a Monk and i can't find in books anserw for two questions.

1st of it is: Can monk add proficiency bonus from unarmed combat to attack rolls on his powers? In powers description there is no weapon keyword but when u read how attack looks like, almost on every power Monk hits his foes by his weapon or fists. In addition Iron Soul Monk can add additional effect when he uses certainly weapon. In description of Unared Combat there is line that says you that u cant turn your hands into magic weapon but it can take benefits from magic Ki Focus. And every Monk power have Keyword implement. So thats why i wonder if i can add +3 proficiency bonus to my powers or not?

Second question is: Almost every Monk power is Full Discipline, i know that i can make attack technique and do not use movement technique, but can i make attack technique from one discipline and move from another? For example hit my foes using Five Storms and move using Dragon's Tail? If its not possible, can i make an attack using attack technique and then (or before) move regular move your speed action?

I think its all for the moment, looking forward for replies

What feats you recommend for monk to improve his attack roll?

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm not used to write in english a lot.
No, you do not add weapon proficiency bonus to powers that lack the Weapon keyword.  Yes, Monks are an implement class.  They use weapons as implements for their powers.  Think of it like a wizard with a staff.

No, you cannot use the attack technique from one FD power and the move technique from another FD power.  One FD power at a time.  The exception is if you use an action point:  using an action point 'resets' your FD restriction, allowing you to choose a new power if you want.

You can absolutely do any non-FD actions you want in conjunction with FD powers.  You can move with a FD move technique, and then make a MBA.  Or you can attack with a FD power, and then shift.  That sort of thing.  Your regular, non-FD actions are completely unrestricted by the FD rules.  Only FD powers themselves.

Improving attacks for an implement user is a lot harder to do than for weapon users.  The two most straightforward options are an Expertise feat, such as Ki Focus Expertise.  Be sure to get one of the more recent Expertise feats, so that whatever it is you get a bonus to implement attack rolls, and not just weapon attack rolls.  Another option is the Superior Implement Proficiency feat, which allows you to use something like an Accurate Ki Focus.  There are also versions for daggers and staffs, both of which Monks can use as implements.
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In wich book i can find Ki Focus Expertise Feat? And where i can find dagger as superior implements?

Another question, if i will get superior implement with accurate and get normal Ki focus with +2 enchantment will that bonuses stack? I'm not sure if i get that idea of implements right.
Ki Focus Expertise was in Heroes of Shadow and in Heroes of Elemental Chaos

The Superior Implment Daggers were originally in Dragon Magazine 385, and were reprinted in Mordernkainen's Magnificent Emporium

You can't stack the +2 ki focus enchantment with an accurate dagger as an implement, because you can only use the Ki Focus's enchantment when you either A) Use the ki focus as an implment or B) Make a weapon attack, in which case you can use the Ki focus enchantment instead of the weapon's enchantment.
  If you the accurate dagger as a weapon, then you can apply the Ki Focus +2 instead of the accurate dagger's enchantment, but then the Accurate property does not apply as it only works for implement attacks.

  You can also get an Accurate ki focus (or other superior ki focus) instead.  Then the Ki Focus's superior properties and enchantment apply to all your implement attacks, and the Ki Focus's enchantment (but not the superior properties) can be applied to your weapon attacks.
    There were 8 superior ki focuses published in Psionic Power, and most of them were reprinted in Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium.
ok now i think i get it thanks guys =]

But one more think consider me. I will get Superior Ki Focuses (wooden dagger with accurate for example), then i will buy magic ki focus (every magic ki focus is different item) so if I use implement power i can add both bonuses even if that bonuses come from different items?

Edit: Implement Expertise (PH2) will stack with Ki Focus Expertise when i get both? (in description of Implement Expertise there is no "feat bonus")
Check the errata.
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Implement Expertise was updated to a Feat bonus in the December 2011 updates.

You can't use both an accurate ki focus and another ki focus together because you can only be attuned to a single ki focus at a time, and it can only be changed during a rest, so you would have to choose between the accurate ki focus or the magical key focus

However, any enchantment that can be applied to a standard ki focus can also be applied to an accurate ki focus or any other superior ki focus, so you should just get a magical accurate ki focus.
Thx guys now i get it =]

Question about Dragon magazine, this is official updates to D&D or just made by fans? My DM probably will not accept fan updates so need official ones for use it. I saw that in Dragon magazine there is a lot of new powers and feats
Rules Updates are official
As is Dragon Magazine.
Harrying your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook - the first of what will hopefully be many CharOp efforts on my part. The Blinker - teleport everywhere. An Eladrin Knight/Eldritch Knight. CB != rules source.
As is Dragon Magazine.

which is defined as a Rules Update on the page Plague linked to.

 Dragon and Dungeon aren't quite as well edited as the books though (which have their own problems), so they do have errors more often (and sometimes just don't work as written), and should definitely be checked for errata.
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