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I just bought WoA, and I read through the rulebook and had a quick go at the first mission, trying to get acquainted with the game. The feeling I got though is that solitaire play with one character is harder, especially since you get penalized for not exploring. But if you do explore every turn, thus adding more monsters to the board, and you don't kill off the other spawned monsters quickly enough, you'll get mobbed. Is this correct, or am I missing some rule? I know about the "no more than one type of monster per player" thing, but it's still possible to have a buttload of different beasts constantly on your tail. There is the possibility of kiting, but that just seems kind of wrong.

I'm not saying having a harder game is a bad thing, and I did kind of figure this would be the way. But looking at multiplayer games it just feels like being more people makes it so much easier, since you'll seldom have more than one creature attacking at a time.
Well usually whenever I play solo, and I explore a new edge, the new monster will spawn, run towards me, and attack. Then on your next hero turn you can attack first, hopefully kill the monster, then move to a new explored edge. Hopefully killing the old enemy before a new one spawns.

The only problem is if the enemy has more hitpoints than 1, or you miss a role. Now if you get 2 enemies on the board at once, hopefully you have a spell that can attack two enemies at once, most characters do, I beleive. Or you could just not explore any further and just bite the bullet and draw an encounter card, a few times its done things like "Reign of Arrows" i believe, which attacks players and monsters, and totally wiped out all my enemies too, working to my advantage.

Kiting probably won't work, as most monsters can move just as fast, if not further than you.

But keep in mind, adding more players can make it more difficult too, for every new player you have even more monsters, more events, ect ect, so it can make it even more difficult.

I'd recommend bringing in an Ally helper or two to help your solo character, that can really make a difference in balance. Also, a lot of the characters in the Legend of Drizzt have damage absorbing stances/abilities that make survival much easier.
Well considering there is only the introductory scenario that is truly 'solo' in WOA, I wouldn't worry about it too much. The rest of the scenarios for groups can easily be played solo, and the rules advise taking on multiple Heroes to do this.

It works fine. To reduce the amount of HP damage you take uncovering monsters as you explore tile edges, use Wizard Eye to explore a new tile and keep your party back a couple of tiles. This way any monster you spawn will not (usually) be able to attack first, and you can then move in and kill it safely.

I use just two Heroes in solo play at the moment, and I have not lost a game for a while using the above stategy. A wizard (for the aformentioned Wizard Eye power) and a Cleric with Healing Strike should do fine.

Hate the Legion Devils spawn-three-at-a-time thing? There is a Cleric power that auto-kills three in one hit, 3 damage Miss 1. Can't remember if that's the CR or WOA Cleric power right now, but we interchange them so if you have both sets then no problem.

I just finished raping the Rampaging Golem scenario from Ravenloft with this build, and we all know how difficult Ravenloft can be.
Thanks for the tips, I'll make sure to make good use of them I've had a chance to play through a few of the scenarios now, mostly using two heroes. It's nice to have a game that actually works solo, and allows for enough tactics to actually make it worthwhile to play them through several times, just to try the different tactics and options.

I guess I did feel a bit overwhelmed in the beginning, since I had a lot of bad luck with the monster draws, spawning duergar guards, who in turn spawned more monsters, effectively mobbing me. After playing a few times, I managed to get out without even using a single surge. But it's a fun game, and for once I actually get a chance to play a few rounds before the girlfriend comes home after work
I love these games and don't have nearly enough time to play them. I hadn't ever thought of playing any scenario "solo" but with two heroes. That's a good idea and I might try that one of these times. 
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