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I just started to play D&D 4 as a Monk and i can't find in books anserw for two questions.

1st of it is: Can monk add proficiency bonus from unarmed combat to attack rolls on his powers? In powers description there is no weapon keyword but when u read how attack looks like, almost on every power Monk hits his foes by his weapon or fists. In addition Iron Soul Monk can add additional effect when he uses certainly weapon. In description of Unared Combat there is line that says you that u cant turn your hands into magic weapon but it can take benefits from magic Ki Focus. And every Monk power have Keyword implement. So thats why i wonder if i can add +3 proficiency bonus to my powers or not?

Second question is: Almost every Monk power is Full Discipline, i know that i can make attack technique and do not use movement technique, but can i make attack technique from one discipline and move from another? For example hit my foes using Five Storms and move using Dragon's Tail? If its not possible, can i make an attack using attack technique and then (or before) move regular move your speed action?

I think its all for the moment, looking forward for replies

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm not used to write in english a lot.

1. No. You only add weapon proficiency if the power has the Weapon keyword. Most monk attacks target NAD (non-AC Defenses) which tend to be lower than AC. This basically makes up for the loss of weapon proficiency bonus.

2. Only if you spend an Action Point.  PHB3, Pg 64.
Thx dude.

So i have just + DEX modifier to attack rolls, is there any other way to rise it beside Versitale Expertise feat and get magic Ki Focus??
A superior implement might give a bounus to hit depending on wich one you take the feat for and spend the gold for.
Ki Focus expertise may be better for you then Versitale Expertise.

It's not just Monks though it's the same for any implement user.
and all the rest
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the best place to ask these questions would probably be in the rules Q&A forum.  Pretty much because they have a very high level of system mastery there and can answer a lot of questions.  If you use the Monk Unarmed Strike feature (also known as MUS) that you get just for being a monk, it's considered a +3 proficiency 1d8 weapliment.  You can use that as the base weapon for any attack on the monk and for melee basic attacks.  You're also proficient in ki focuses which gives you a means to get magical enchantments with your attacks which you can't do with your MUS.

I recommend you ask your questions again here:

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