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I'm Josua (yes it is in fact spelled correctly) and I'm the DM/GM for a small group of friends in Hutchinson, MN. Its hard enough to find players in such a small rural town (and with a gas guzzler) but I had a problem happen to one of my players. He has no Car Insurance, and he was the ride (tragic right?). So now I'm down 3-4 players, and the only people I have left to play with are the two people who live with me.

About Us:
We are a group of three males in our 20s, me and Robbie are 21 and 25. And the other is Isaac (21). I'm a new-ish GM only two years of experience and they are even newer players. Isaac is energetic and outgoing, Robbie and I are a bit more calm.

Who We Are Looking For:
Well you the person reading this (hopefully). But more specifically we are looking for players who are under their 30s, if older I hope you are comfortable around younger people. A car or at least transportation of your own would be greatly appreciated. Other than that we have cots and the like in the basement, and we ALWAYS have soda, in case of all-nighters (which happen often). Once we get playing they don't usually want to stop XD. Male or Female participants are fine, and I'm willing to teach new players.

What We Play:
Well, just about near everything. We have a wall of board games and card games. I have bought dozens of PDFs of various games and adventures. But we mostly play DnD or Paranoia (Thinking about playing Castle Falkenstein). I learn new rulesets easily, and I love creating new characters and helping. As for specific DnD systems we do 3.5, 4, and playtesting.

When We Play:
Sometimes daily, Me, Robbie, and Isaac don't work conventionally. So if you wanna play contact me and we might set something up.

Contact Info:
For safety reasons I rather not give out my address and phone number. But you can contact me here:

Xbox Live: (You'd be surprised how many prefer to contact me this way) RaunchyRam

Once we have talked a bit in one of those social mediums I will probably give you a better way to talk to me. And Robbie has Skype and stuff (he is always signed into skype so I dont even use it) but I don't wanna give out what isn't mine.

Update/revivification: Isaac no longer plays but we have someone instead of him, Tony. Also we no longer have any transportation. Other information is still all the same.

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