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Ok, my question is, if I put ethereal armor on vampire nighthawk, he has first strike and deathtouch, also lifelink and flying but that is beside the point. if the armor were the only enchantment on the field, he would be at 3/4. my opp swings with thragtusk or any other fattie that doesn't have first strike and I block with the nighthawk... so my question is, because of the deathtouch and first strike would their bigger creature die before doing damage to my nighthawk even if their power would be enough to kill it normally?
Yes. First Strike + Deathtouch is a wicked combo.
I can't wait for FNM tonite then, hahaha! Thank you for such a quick responce.
The deathtouch is irrelevant in this particular example because a 3/X with first strike would kill Thragtusk before it could deal any damage anyway.  Gutter Skulk enchanted with Ethereal Armor would kill Thragtusk and not die too.  However, the deathtouch allows it to kill a creature of any size without taking damage, eg Ruination Wurm, provided that creature doesn't also have first strike.

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