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I'm playing in a format in which the opponent copies each instant or sorcery that is cast by a player. I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to work this out so my opponent will die before I do when I cast Final Fortune. I'm a bit worried about this ruling.

10/4/2004 If multiple "extra turn" effects resolve in the same turn, take them in the reverse of the order that the effects resolved.

If you cast Final Fortune then a copy of FF goes on the stack.

The copy will resolve and set up Extra Turn # 1.
Then your original FF resolves and creates Extra Turn #2

Per the ruling you quoted your extra turn (#2) will be taken before your opponents.  You will lose at the end of your extra turn.
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You could counter your own Final Fortune, but doing so with a spell obviously won't work. Try something like Patron Wizard.

Another way you can make the opponent lose is by casting one of the pacts. There's one for each color, but they all cost zero. In this case, it doesn't matter which one resolves first. It matters who gets the next upkeep.
If you could counter 'your' copy without using an instant or sorcery, then you wouldn't get an extra turn, nor would they necessarily be able to prevent themselves getting that extra turn that will cause them to lose.  You could even rely on them believing that they will win if you used an almost identical creature after they have let their copy resolve.

Robvalue: Copy target bug or glitch. You may choose a new card for the copy...

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Unfortunately this is a 3CM format. The most likely scenarios for this to work is Angel's Grace, Sundial of the Infinite, or Judge's Familiar. I just need a way to cast both spells with another single card.
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