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I'm trying to do a PC Cadaver Golem build. I’m not trying to create an obscenely powerful PC, but rather a tragically cursed one. I imagine this character as a monster suffering from slow decay and forced to replace it parts with the recently dead.

I realize they're overpowered to start, so I used the stats of a Revenant Human (adding incomplete creation background) and simply gave him the traits and powers of a Cadaver Golem. That's was the easy part.


The hard part is figuring out the decay mechanic. Everything seems to work too fast. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, any suggestions as to class? Not vampie.  

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Is representing the decay narratively instead of mechanically a deal breaker?  4e doesn't have a lot of penalty mechanics, so the most elegant options that spring to mind are houseruling and fluffing.
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