New PBP campaign starting. "The Riftlands", Homebrew (beginning characters)

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Title: Pathfinder/D&D3.5 campaign starting (The Riftlands)
GM: GM66 []
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It is spring in Valyr, and ships are again plying thePathfinder/D&D3.5 campaign starting (The Riftlands) northern waters of the Julant Ocean, bringing cloth and fruit, tea and spices from the south into Coral Cove, a small barony on the coast. The farmers are busy in their fields, the fishermen in their boats, and the children have begun their games of jola. Colorful birds and butterflies visit budding tulips and crocuses. Chickens and small goats roam the dirt streets of the town, fed by children or goodwives, scattering should a cart or stranger come too close.

The Coral Inn sits like a small mountain, sprawling over a block of area, its three stories of stone and wooden construction still strong after a century of daily beating by wind and ocean spray. As the sun wends its way to the horizon, the lanterns are lit and the sound of the dulcimer and violin fill the common room to entertain the merchants, ship officers, and well-to-do locals that frequent the inn. The proprietor, Alerab Mathrankle, supervises his staff in their service to the patrons, sending warm-bread and honey, small beers, and roasted pheasant in roasted potatoes to his guests.

As the music plays into the darkened night, the sounds of combat intrude on the peaceful evening. Tamarand Scullins enters, his city guard uniform torn and blood leaking from a wound on his scalp. “Elves!” He yells quickly, already beginning to turn. “The Ahmdar are attacking! To arms!”

He rushes into the night to spread the word of the attack.
By morning the elves had been repulsed, but more than three hundred people were dead in Coral Cove. Baron Andarr has called for the militia to stand ready and has sent pleas to Valyr City for reinforcements.

It seems that the elves have declared war.

PBEM66, The Riftlands, is a home-brew D&D 3.5/Pathfinder PBP (YahooGroup) campaign seeking fresh new adventurers for a long term campaign. Characters will begin be humans of 1st level , using the Pathfinder rules, using 75 stat points to spend between the six ability scores (complete rules can be found at the website, once accepted into the group).

Character proposals will be accepted until April 22nd, with the campaign starting soon after. Posts are expected at least twice per week.