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I was curious about a deck that ran pongify and rapid hybridization with the intent on popping your own creatures for a 3/3 for 1. 

What kind of creatures would people try and combo with these? I was thinking cards like brindle shoat or doomed traveler with like a token deck? Any thoughts?
You can use something repeatable like Reassembling Skeleton.  Or target an indestructible creature (because the target is legal, you'll still get the token.)
I use them to hit anything I have with undying strangleroot geist, young wolf, geralf's messenger...etc and you can add in blood artist to make it sting.
Stick will allow you to repeat those spells as long as you have mana.
The fun trick I like is:

Turn 1: Island, Cloudfin Raptor
turn 2: Forest, Young Wolf, Rapid Hybridization/Pongify the Wolf.

The Raptor evolves 3 times, and you now have a 3/4 flyer that can attack this turn, and a 2/2 and 3/3 creature now summoning sick but ready to attack next turn.
Can also use various methods to take control of opponent creature for a turn, but then Pongify it.

Or other temporary creatures (things brought back from the grave with a Shallow Grave effect, a Geist of Saint Traft angel, a Ball Lightning)
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