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This doesn't belong in this forum, but I'm not sure where to put it.

A few years ago, I came across an adventure called 'Celebration Castle' or 'Shadow of Celebration Castle' or something close to that.  It had... My Little Ponies... in it, and giant butterflies that sucked your mind away until you were in a whimsical stupor.

This adventure may have been d20 rules, or I may have converted it to that and that's what I remember.  But, anyway, I can't find it online and I no longer have it.  My googling is not working.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of this thing?  I'd wanted to run it for an April Fool's adventure, but sadly it fell off my hard drive somewhere.

Or maybe I dreamed it all.   o_o

 I think I vaguely remember hearing about something like that, but it most likely would have been somebody's homebrewed project, so no idea where you'd find it online...


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My boyfriend wrote it, butterflies and all. It was wiped from the site when they cleared the old server. He might still have it somewhere.....

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