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OK so I'm thinking of DMing rise of the runelords. Everyone over at Paizo seems to think its the best thing since the cheesegrater of peace. You know instant classic. But I don't really know anything about the Golarion campaign setting, nor am I realy willing to learn anything either. It seems a bit "plain" to me. No I'd rather stick to eberron, whom I know a great deal about. So there comes my two problems.

1. Where do I put the city of sandpoint? I was thinking of placing it in Q'barra. And have some failed dhakani expansion ruins around to explain the goblins... or trade the goblins in the beginning with lizardfolk.

2. One of the adventures relies heavily upon giants. What is a good substitute? I could place the whole thing in Xen'drik, but I'd much rather stick with Khorvaire. There is nothing stating that there cant be stupid giants, like there cant be stupid greedy dragons. But I would much rather have some other culture, that is "large and in charge."
I don't have the impression goblins ever had an important role in Q'barra. Lizardfolk, dragonborn and dragons seem to have been the dominant culture in that area for ages. I don't know the adventure series though, so I am unsure what exactly you are looking for in the city. Would for example the village of the refugees from Cyre in Breland suffice? If I remember correctly, it is certainly close enough to goblin territory to be bothered by them, and they keep to them selves.

If I remember correctly there are giants in Droaam, recent immigrants from Xendrik. In fact, even if there are not, there is nothing saying the Sisters did not actually got a group over recently for whatever odd reason you might come up with. Of couse, the goblins of Dhakaan are known to have meddled with genetics and bred goblins, hobgoblins and bugbears from some kind of original "goblin"-stock (which as Keith suggested in another discussion might very well have been orcs). Who is to say that they did not bred a giant-stock? The stock could have been in suspended animation in one of the Dhakani ruins and somehow recently released, or always have inhabited some mountain range, out of sight and never really paid much attention to.
I have yet to get around to reading through the Rise of the Runelords campaign path, and have only some vague ideas about it, so some of this may be a bit off.

I have to echo Madfox's idea. Droaam seems to work well. There are indeed giants (Gorodan Ashlord, for instance); there are also goblins, as the Dhakaani empire stretched this far, and, if memory serves, the Great Crag itself was once a Dhakaani city. One problem would be a to explain how a (probably?) human city survived in the wilds of Droaam: mostly they will have been overrun or taken over by the monstrous warlords in the region, although some might actually run them quite fairly.

Perhaps you could set it on the Brelish side of the border, though. As an alternative, consider having the action take place somewhat before the current date (998YK), before Boranel had Droaam evacuated. Granted, you also have a major war going on, but there were no reported military campaigs in Droaam before the Sisters appeared, so the war could be largely ignored. For a twist, the threat of the Runelords may actually trigger the coming of the Sisters, or the PCs might encounter them (in disguise). A slight timeline regression should not make too much difference, though you'd have to check whether the warforged are already around; airships postdate the founding of Droaam, but virtually nothing else does.

Oni, Ogres, Trolls, Minotaurs, and such monstrous creatures might replace giants... though some giants might actually have a hold of the Byeshk Mountains. Perhaps they fled the destrution of Xen'drik. They are noted as present in some domains, not only that of the recently arrived Ashlord.
If nothing else, a lingering presence of the Daelkyr should enable you to place wierd creatures in this area. 

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