Leomund's Secret Chest

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4e doesn't have it in the ethereal plane anymore.  Can players use it to transport them?  I want to say yes, but need to check if someone else knows a reason not to.

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by "can players use it transport them?" I assume you're asking if the players can put themselves into the box to go somewhere.  The answer to that question is no.   The ritual summons the chest to your location, and then the ritual text specifies "You can remove or add objects to the chest (subject to its natural size limitations) when it is present".  Creatures aren't objects, so they can't be added or removed from the chest.  You could put a corpse in it though.

   Even if you stretched the rules to allow creatures in the chest, and had an ensorcelled chest large enough to hold the entire party (which would be a rather large and expensive chest) it would only work one direction (from somewhere else to where you store the chest), and I would debate the ability of the caster to dismiss the chest while inside the chest.

  if you're looking for a ritual to help the party get around, you want the level 8 ritual Linked Portal, and the other rituals in that line.
Yeah, he just rolled poorly, so is looking for a better alternative.

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