illusionary mask + avacyn angel of hope?

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how does illusionary mask interact with indestructiable creatures like avacyn angel of hope or darksteel collosus?  is it possiable to pay 0 to play an avacyn angel of hope as a 2/2 then next turn have it attack (pay nothing for the rest off its cost which would destory it accept in this case its indestructable) so avacyn then flips up for 0.  is this possiable? are permanents you control indestructiable when avacyn is face down as a 2/2?

thnakyou for your help
You'll want to double check what Illusionary Mask actually does.

No, you can't pay 0 to cast Avacyn, Angel of Hope or Darksteel Colossus.  X has to be equal or greater than the CMC and contain all the correct colors of whatver creature card you're taking from your hand.  In the case of Avacyn, Angel of Hope that means paying atleast 8 mana, Darksteel Colossus would require atleast 11.

Attacking with the 2/2 would not cause it to be destroyed.  Nothing in Illusionary Mask causes creatures to be destroyed.  You do not have to pay anything to attack with the 2/2 and/or flip the card to it's front face.

If a permanent is face down, it does not have any of it's front side abilities.  In the case of Avacyn, Angel of Hope this would mean none of your permanents are indestructable.
ok that clears things up a little, i was secretly hoping avacyn and darksteel colossus were not that powerful.  but i was also wondering about cards like Wurncoil engine and kokusho the evening star these cards both have abilities that trigger as they leave play is it possiable to cast these for 0 as a 2/2 then turn it face up (by attacking blocking or dmg) and pay 0 again to have the creature then be placed into the blttlefield? or must the full mana price be paid? waht if an opponent damages a 2/2 wurmcoil engine in play it flips and i don't have the mana to pay its full cost so then what it goes the the graveyard and i get 2 3/3 lifelink/deathwurms?  or with kukusho they loose 5 i gain 5 for 0?  or is this all this sjut crazy talk and i should just stick to my dreadnought and eater of days?
In order to use the Mask's ability, you have to pay X, and X has to at least cover the cost of playing the creature normally. You could cast a Memnite with the Mask for 0, since it costs 0. If you want cast Kokusho, X has to be at least six mana, and two of the mana must be black (since Kokusho costs 4BB). If you don't have the mana, then you cannot choose that creature to be cast face down with the Mask.

The Mask does not let you get a creature onto the battlefield for cheaper. It lets you mask what the creature is until a later point. Unless you activate the Mask's ability for at least six, you will not be able to cast the Wurmcoil Engine face down with the Mask.

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Questions don't have to make sense, but answers do.

waht if an opponent damages a 2/2 wurmcoil engine in play it flips and i don't have the mana to pay its full cost so then what it goes the the graveyard and i get 2 3/3 lifelink/deathwurms?

There is no mana cost for flipping the 2/2 creature to Wurmcoil Engine.

If the opponent deals 5 or less damage, the Wurmcoil engine will not be destroyed and wi
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