U/R Land destruction, magnivore smash?

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okay, so I'm not exactly sure on the numbers but last FNM at my LGS was modern format and I knew my standard deck probably wouldn't do great but one guy was playing a U/R land destruction deck with a lot of cantrips and then after about turn 4 he would drop a magnivore and just beat me down while I had no land to do anything with and his deck was somthing like this.

like I said, Im not exactly sure but by the time he would hit the magnivore, my creatures would be tapped or dead from the burn and he would swing for the rest of my life total.

do you think this is a viable deck in modern format because other than the duals and a couple of the cards, it looks really cheap.
Well, ld isn't really a thing, wizards decided it's unfun and stopped printing good cards for it.

But, hey, that isn't an ld deck. It's a deck with 4 stone rains. A bad deck with stone rains.

It's go no card advantage besides the forked bolts, some card disadvantage (index is bad) and it's wincons are 4 beaters that just beg to be pathed. The top decks and the contenders would eat it alive.
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Luckily, we have stop-having-fun guys to remind us that having anything more than 60 cards in your deck is tantamount to being a rapist and anyone considering it should be strung up by their ****.
I just played against it I'm not trying to build it. Their had to be other land destruction as well in his deck because everytime i played a land, it would be bounced or destroyed, I was just guessing on the cards in his deck but thanks for your reply
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i used a deck like this back in the day when it was still standard legal it is a pretty straight forward deck that florishes in multicolored metas. my memory is a little sketch but this should give you the basic ghist of the deck.

Crack the Earth
Boom // Bust
Eye of nowhere
Stone Rain
Molten Rain
Desperate Ritual

Deck is supposed to have rite of flame as well but its banned in modern

after that just round out the deck with as many lands that can produce both red and blue mana and can be used the turn they come in. this is important for being able to get boomerang and eye off.
Shivan Reef
Steam Vents
City of Brass
Reflecting Pool
Cascade Bluffs
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