New Pre-painted Miniatures line - DUNGEON CRAWLER

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Hello fellow RPG gamers,

I found this Kickstarter for a pre-painted Miniatures line called DUNGEON CRAWLER Miniatures.

Heres the link:

Heres some pictures of the minis:

Firbolg Skeleton 
(This gruesome fella is a Firbolg Skeleton.........It comes PRE-PAINTED......I know, awesome right!)

Massive Tentacle 
(A Massive Tentacle Miniature.......definitely original)

Mermaid Miniature......Un-painted 
(Un-Painted Mermaid miniature.............The Mermaid also comes PRE_PAINTED......I know, wicked right!)

A Peryton Miniature 
(A Peryton Miniature)

The Kraken 

A Botanimoth Miniature 
(A Botanimoth Miniature.................Looks wicked!!)

Objects that clip to miniatures bases
(These are Objects that clip to the bottom of the DC miniatures bases.......A very cool original idea)

The Pricing structure for the Kickstarter

This is the pricing structure for the Kickstarter for the Dungeon Crawlers miniatures line.
--It definitely looks do-able.

I highly recommend supporting this Kickstarter.  The Dungeon Crawler Miniatures line fills alot of DM needs in the minis department.

Again, heres the link to the Kickstarter:

And here is the link to the official  Dungeon Crawlers Miniatures website:

9 days to go on this Kickstarter.

So far they have the ---KRAKEN ---------------- FUNDED!! 
                                 ---Skeletel Firbolg ------- FUNDED!!
                                 ---Peryton ----------------- FUNDED!

Next is:

Good Luck Guys!!!
More pics:


A Painted Firbolg Skeleton 


A more detailed look at the Unpainted Peryton

7 days left to go on the Kickstarter which you canfind here:
The Painted Peryton stretch goal has been met.


Now they are working on reaching the Mermaid stretch goal:


Heres the link to the Kickstarter:

You get alot of minis for the money you donate.
The Mermaid Stretch Goal has been acheived.
Mermaid 1Mermaid 3Mermaid 2

Now.....on to the Massive Tentacle:

The Massive Tentacle

Massive Tentacle 2 

The un-painted MASSIVE TENTACLE stretch goal has been made.

Un-Painted tentacle

Now on to the Painted Tentacle goal!!!

Painted Tentacle

The Painted Tentacle stretch goal has been achieved.
painted tentacle 2

Now they are working on the BOTANIMOTH.

Only 36 hours left to pledge for this kickstarter.  

Everyone who pledges gets a freebie.
Heres the link to the Kickstarter:

5 Hours to go on this kickstarter.

Make sure to get in on this Kickstarter and take advantage of the great pricing.