Living Missle (Secondary Power) on Invisible/Hidden Enemy?

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Just wondering if somone could use the Secondary Power ofthe Living Missle power on a target that was now invisible and hiding.  The  PC did not make their Perception check to locate/find the target.  Would they need to "guess" a square?   Again, this is for the secondary "slide" effect portion of the power (and yes, the target is/was still slowed).
If the Primary Target becomes hidden after you have hit it, you can still use it as a Living Missile to attack other creatures since its already affected by the power.

The rules for Targeting What You Can't See doesn't apply to it since you are not targeting it with a power, only the Secondary Target is.
But that does the bring up the question of how you slide the target 10 squares without knowing where it is, and how you know when it is adjacent to another creature to make that creature a legal secondary target.
  Probably the best way to handle it as DM is that they ask to slide the primary next to their desired secondary target, and if its within range, you slide the creature there and let them make the attack roll.  Then you don't actually have to give up its hidden position.

  While the flavor text of a power has no actual effect on the rules of a power, this power would seem to benefit from an extra effect like "the primary target can't be hidden from you while slowed or immobilized by this power", as the idea is that you are telekinetically holding the creature and then throwing it.  The writers probably didn't consider the case of the primary becoming hidden while still immobilzed or slowed.

Also, depending what source of cover or concealment it use to hide may immediatly cause it to not remain hidden. And if its source is invisibility, even then it will have to make a Stealth check to remain hidden since it moves more than 2 squares during an action. 
You need Line of Effect to the destination square in order to slide someone.  You don't need to see them.
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Thanks guys yeah - that's what I was thinking to.  Line of Effect required unless stated otherwise (least that's what I recall reading in the Rules Compendium).  Thanks again!
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