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I'm looking for assistance from my fellow DMs as I've never done this before. Using the Unique Companion Character creation rules in DMG2 have I converted the Bear from the adventure in the title properly? He's technically using a Maul. Does he count as a Medium creature? What's his speed? What's his vision? Languages don't matter as he can't talk. Alignment? Thank you kindly.

Smiley Bob, Bear (natural beast)
Level 3 Defender
Str 16, Con 16, Dex 12, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 8
AC 20, Fort 18, Reflex 16, Will 14
HP 44/22/11, Surges 12
+8 Althelics / Endurance, +6 Nature / Stealth

Melee Basic Attack (Standard)
+8 vs. AC, 2d6+5 Damage, Marked until end of his next turn

Crushing Surge (Standard)
+8 vs. AC, 2d6+5 Damage, Invigorating

Bell Ringer (Standard)
+8 vs. Fort, Dazed, 3 Damage, Invigorating

Battle Fury Stance (Minor)
+2 Power Bonus to Damage, -2 penalty to AC, end by spending a Surge or a Free Action 
I think I would take from the Bear companion that either the beastmaster ranger or Sentinel druid gets. Maybe some minor tweaking to make him better fit Smiley Bob from that article. This would make him more of a companion (some help in battle, but not much). Your suggested version bumps him up all the way to a heroic PC level - making him as powerful & survivably as a heroic fighter. If that's your intent - then your version seems right on the money.

If you wanted Smiley Bob more as a "lackey" in terms of battle prowess and durability, the below might be better for you. Still does decent damage, but isn't a walking mountain of HP.

So at level 3...

Druid's bear
HP: 20
Init: +4
Def: AC 16 Fort 18 Ref 14 Will 18
Size: medium
Speed 6 low light vision
Aura 1: Allies gain +2 power bonus to all defences while in the aura
Melee basic +9 va AC, 1d12 + 9
Str 20 Dex 12 Wis 16
Con 17 Int 2 Cha 6
Trained: Perception

Ranger's bear (not sure if this is right)
HP 36
Init +2
Def: AC 15 Fort 17 Ref 13 Will 15
Size: Medium
Speed 5
Melee basic: +5 vs Ac, 1d12 + 4
Str 16  Dex 12 Wis 12
Con 13 Int 6 Cha 6
Trained: Athletics, Endurance
Just ran this adventure a few weeks ago... it went horribly wrong with the windmill being torched, but such is life. At least they braved the inferno to rescue the Halfling upstairs after interrogating the goblin they took captive. Either way, I believe there was a modified version in the article for him becoming a part of the group. I would recommend using that.

Basically, he is a bear. It just isn't feasible, in my opinion anyway, for him to remain a party member for and extended period of time. Your PCs will eventually go to a large village or a city, in which case, how do you work the bear in? "Say Innkeep, don't mind Bob. Sure, he's a bear, but he isn't a bear about it!" Eventually they will get to a situation where he just can't tag along and it will take some extra finagling to have a decent reason why the bear waits in the wilderness outside the city gates patiently for the party to return.

My advice is to just use the version provided until he starts lagging behind in battle prowess and let him wander off, then upgrade to a new, more appropriate companion.  
Heheh. It's a pretty sweet starting adventure. Unfortunately, no non monster stats are provided even though keeping him along after the adventure is noted at the end. As such I'm currently using him with the monster stats, but I think I have a fix.

I'm following up with the Fall of the Gray Veil adventure. In the adventure the Baron of Baron's Hill left for one last war and never returned. I'm thinking he's actually Smiley Bob. On the way back after said war he comes across the villain/old adventuring buddy from said adventure plotting evil against his village on the banks of the White River. They fight and ultimately the Baron gets polymorphed into the bear moments before taking a severe blow to the head and falling in the river.

During the final battle where the party fights the Baron's ex friend Smiley Bob will take another severe blow to the head jogging his memory right before the villain dies. The spell will get lifted on both the town and Smiley Bob, and he'll join the party as the Baron. This should make creating a Companion Character significantly easier and tie both stories nicely together. Thoughts?
Touche' Chad, I got that mixed up with Wayward Wyrmling from the next batch my group of quests my group will have the option of checking out. I'd suggest using the difference between the monster version of the wyrmling and the companion version as a rule of thumb on how to adjust Bob.
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