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Dated throughout 2012.

Can anyone comment on their thoughts as to the veracity of this, and any further work that goes beyond this?

p. 36, Soulbow, 2nd column, Mind Arrow, 6th paragraph:
“Powers or spells that upgrade weapons can be used on a mind blade.”
Fix: replace ‘mind blade’ with ‘mind arrow.’

p. 57 Skin of the Construct, Benefit, first paragraph, last sentence:
Fix: Add closing parenthetical.

p. 66, Chaos Mantle, Granted Ability:
“[…] or a spell that deals damage.”
Fix: replace ‘spell’ with ‘power’

p. 68, Evil Mantle, Granted Ability:
“[…] or a spell that deals damage […]”
Fix: replace ‘spell’ with ‘power’

p. 69, Good Mantle, Granted Ability:
“[…] or a spell that deals damage […]”
Fix: replace ‘spell’ with ‘power’

p. 69, Law Mantle, Granted Ability:
“[…] or a spell that deals damage.”
Fix: replace ‘spell’ with ‘power’

p. 94, Planar Embrace, last paragraph in column, 2nd sentence:
“For instance, if you’re a 13th-level psion, you receive spell-like abilities as if you
were a 6 HD creature […]”
Fix: replace ‘13th' with ‘15th' and ‘6 HD’ with ‘7 HD’

p. 120-121 The Base Atk lines for all of the Astral Constructs is
Fix: The base attack of each construct should be equal to each creature’s HD *.75
(as cleric; round down). Grapple numbers then adjusted based on new base attack plus Str
mod plus size mod.

p. 125, Anathemic Carapace, Heavy Deflection:
“An astral aquan of at least […]”
Fix: replace ‘astral aquan’ with ‘anathemic carapace’

p. 130 Arctine:
“Speed 30 ft. (4 squares), […]”
Fix: replace ‘4 squares’ with ‘6 squares’

p. 131 Geodite:
“Speed 30 ft. (4 squares), […]”
Fix: replace ‘4 squares’ with ‘6 squares’

p. 132 Tempestan:
“Fly 30 ft. (perfect) (12 squares), […]”
Fix: replace ‘12 squares’ with ‘6 squares’


p. 9, 2nd column, Class Features, Power Points/Day, last sentence:
Fix: replace last sentence of the Power Points/Day entry with: “A 1st-level divine
mind gains no power points; his bonus power points (if he is entitled to any) become
available when he begins to accrue the power points provided by his class at 2nd level.”

p. 13, Half Giant Divine Mind Staring Package, Feat:
“Feat: Weapon Focus (longsword)”
Fix: replace ‘Weapon Focus (longsword)’ with ‘Power Attack’

p. 15, Table 1-6: Lurk Augments by Level
Fix: delete entire row “8th Reach Attack”

p. 15, 2nd column, Mental Assault, 2nd to last sentence:
Fix: replace ‘For every 2 power points spent […] with
‘For every 4 power points spent […]’

p. 18, Becoming An Anarchic Initiate, Entry Requirements, Skills:
“[…] Knowledge (the planes) 8 ranks.”
Fix: delete ‘Knowledge (the planes) 8 ranks’

p. 31, 2nd column, 1st sentence:
“[…] such as Illithid Speech.”
Fix: replace ‘Illithid Speech with ‘Illithid Compulsion’

p. 36, Soulbow, 2nd column, Mind Arrow, 6th paragraph:
Fix: delete sentence “Likewise, these enhancement bonuses also improve your
base soulknife attack bonus.”

p. 43, Zerth Cenobite, 2nd column, Powers Known:
“Each time you attain a new level, you attain a new power.”
Fix: replace sentence with “At 2nd level, and every other level thereafter, you
learn a new power.”

p. 57 Skin of the Construct, Benefit, 2nd paragraph:
“[…] that lasts for up to 1 hour.”
Fix: replace ‘for up to 1 hour’ with ‘for the normal duration of the power’.

p. 61, Illithid Blast, Benefit, last sentence:
Fix: Replace last sentence with “Anyone caught in the cone must succeed on a
Will save (DC 10 + 1 per 2 power points expended + your Cha modifier) or be stunned
for 1d4 rounds. You must spend at least 2 power points to produce this effect, but you
cannot spend more power points than your manifester level.”

p. 70, 1st column:
“3 Body PurificationA: You heal 1d12 points of damage.”
Fix: replace ‘heal 1d12 points of damage’ with “restore 2 points of ability

p. 53, 2nd paragraph below pic, Special:
Fix: add last sentence: “However, if your steward dies you suffer no additional
consequences, and a new one automatically replaces the previous one twelve hours later.”

P. 53, Euphoric Reduction:
“Channel your euphoric surge into a boost for one of your skills.”
Fix: replace ‘boost for one of your skills’ with ‘damage reduction’.

p. 59, Xeph Burst, Benefit:
“You can use the burst ability granted by your xeph heritage a total of three times
per day.”
Fix: replace ‘a total of three times’ with ‘three extra times’.

p. 59, Xeph Burst, Normal:
“A xeph’s burst ability can be used once per day.”
Fix: replace ‘once’ with ‘three times’.

p. 63, Metapower, Benefit:
Fix: replace the entire benefit text with the following, more comprehensible
“Choose one power and one metapsionic feat you know. From now on, whenever
you manifest the chosen power, it is modified with the metapsionic feat you chose. The
total power point cost of the metapower is 2 less than it would cost to manifest the power
with the metapsionic feat normally. Except for the reduced power point cost, all other
prerequisites for using the metapsionic feat and power together still apply (for example,
you may still be required to expend your psionic focus). Once a metapower is created, it
cannot be changed. A metapower can be used, as if a regular unmodified power, with
other metapsionic feats you know.

p. 63, Paraelemental Power, Special:
Fix: delete the entire final paragraph of this feat that begins ‘Special: you can

p. 74, 2nd column, 7th-level Psion/Wilder Powers, Energy Wave:
Fix: replace ‘13d4’ with ‘13d6’

p. 80, Celestial Conduit, Augment:
“[…] , and the power’s save DC increases by 1.”
Fix: replace ‘, and the power’s save DC increases by 1’ with ‘. For each 2d6
points of extra damage dealt, the DC increases by 1.’

p. 80-81 Chaos Fissure:
“[…] with the possibility of enervation. The wild magic planar […]”
Fix: Insert two new sentences between the two sentences shown above in the
power description:
“The wild surge generated is restricted to a +1 level boost per three manifester
levels of the manifester (round down). If psychic enervation results for a non-wilder
caster, the number of power points lost is equal to the manifester level.”

p. 81 Claws of Darkness:
“You gain two natural attacks with your claws, each dealing 1d4 points of cold
damage (or 1d6 points if you are Large, or 1d3 points if you are Small) […]”
Fix: change the three die sizes indicted above with these new values: ‘You gain
two natural attacks with your claws, each dealing 1d6 points of cold damage (or 1d8
points if you are Large, or 1d4 points if you are Small) […]

p. 82 Deaden Blow, Power Points:
Fix: replace ‘3’ with ‘1’

p. 86 Energy Barrage, Power Resistance:
Fix: replace ‘no’ with ‘yes’

p. 87, Energy Claw, Cold, Fire, Sonic:
Fix: delete the final sentence in each of these entries that begins ‘The claw takes
1-1/2 times the normal damage from […].’

p. 86-87 Energy Emanation, Augment:
Fix: delete very last sentence ‘For every two extra dice of damage, the power’s
save DC increases by 1.’

p. 92, Mental Turmoil, Level:
Fix: delete ‘, Pain and Suffering 3’

p. 94 Planar Embrace, Power Points:
Fix: replace ‘15’ with ‘11/15’

p. 95, Primal Fear:
“Telepathy [Mind-Affecting]”
Fix: add the Fear descriptor

p. 97 Rage of the Remorhaz, Augment:
Fix: delete the very last sentence ‘For each additional 2d6 points of damage, the
power’s save DC increases by 1.’

p. 104 Urge Extermination, Augment:
“[…] a creature with 10 more hit points.”
Fix: replace the number ‘10’ with ‘1’. Remove the ‘s’ off the last word in the

p. 110, Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor
Fix: replace Construction and Price as noted below:
‘Construction: Craft Universal Item, 4,500 gp, 360 XP, 9 days.’
‘Price: 9,000 gp.’

p. 134 Shadow Eft, AC:
Fix: replace eft’s AC with the following
AC 23, touch 10, flat-footed 22
(Dex +1, size –1, natural +13)

p. 149, Thri-Kreen, Racial Hit Dice, 2nd to last sentence:
“[…] gains a number of skill points equal to 2 + Int modifier (minimum 1).”
Fix: replace ‘2 + Int modifier’ with ‘4 x (2 + Int modifier’

p. 153, Variant Psion Erudite, Class Features, Unique Powers Per day, 2nd sentence:
“[….] an erudite is limited to manifesting a certain number of unique psionic
powers of each level per day from the repertoire of powers he knows […]”
Fix: delete the words “of each level”

p. 155, XP Cost, 1st sentence:
“[…] expend 20 experience points per erudite level, which […]”
Fix: replace “erudite” with “power”

p. 156 Erudite starting package, Powers Known:
Fix: delete ‘primal fear*,’

p. 156 Epic Divine Mind:
Fix: add a final paragraph as so,
‘Bonus Feats: An epic divine mind gains a bonus feat every three levels higher
than 20th (23rd, 26th, and so on).’

p. 79, Anticipatory Strike:
“[…] cant’s use the power a second time until after your next turn has passed.”
Fix: replace with “[…] cant’s use the power a second time until after your next 2
turns have passed.”

p. 79, Anticipatory Strike, last paragraph
Fix: replace last paragraph with:
“For example, if you normally act on initiative count 15, you could use this power
to take your turn again on initiative count 12, but this means that you wouldn’t be able to
use the power at all on the following round; you would have to wait until the third round
after first manifesting this power.

p. 91, Intellect Bomb, Target/Area:
“One living creature […]}
Fix: delete ‘living’

I've always been kind of annoyed that practiced manifester references “powers per day,” which isn't a thing. It should say that you don't gain the increase to power points per day noted on your class table, but you do use the increased manifester level for determining bonus power points per day.

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