Lords of Waterdeep: New Lords

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Lords of Waterdeep
New Lords

By D&D Team

Fans of Lords of Waterdeep—rejoice! Not one, but two expansions for the game are coming in August (no kidding, even on April Fool's Day). Scoundrels of Skullport packages together both expansions—Skullport, which adds the new resource of Corruption, and Undermountain, which features bigger quests and more ways to get adventures. Plus, Scoundrels of Skullport also allows for the addition of a sixth player. To help celebrate the forthcoming expansion, we've put together the following new Lords. You may be moderately familiar with them within the Forgotten Realms

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Very cool. Any chance we ever see a LoW card game?
As a fan of LoW, I was a bit disappointed there wasn't more info in the article.  I get that it's a April Fools Joke, but is there any more information on the expansions?   We've enjoyed LoW, and are very interested in an expansion, if it can improve on the game (which often is a hard bar for an expansion to clear)
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