Well I finally got beaten by a Gruul deck. I can see the key now.

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So I was playing a pretty silly Dimir control deck that was undefeated until it got to the finals. It had mill as the alternate win condition, with 3 Denizens, 2 Psychic Strikes, 2 Mortus Striders, 1 Undercity Informer, 1 Balustrade Spy and 1 Paranoid Delusions towards that end. The other win condition was evasive damage, with 3 Raptors, other flyes and a bunch of creatures that were either straightup unblockable, or unblockable outside Dimir. As I said I rolled through the first 4 games, getting two damage and two mill victories each. Then I was very excited to play a Gruul deck in the final match, because my record against Gruul is impeccable. The first game I was able to mill my opponent to 0 (yes 0) cards before he finally beat me with an Act of Treason alphastrike. The final game I didn't have a chance at all -- it was too much power too early.

In seeing my opponent's deck, I'm fairly certain I know what is required for a Gruul deck to come together. Trample, and lots of it. My opponent had 3 Crowned Ceratok in addition to a Ghor-Clan Rampager. So that's the big secret, creatures that inherently get trample. Bloodrush without trample is an underpowered mechanic. Bloodrush with trample is extremely solid. My poor Mortus Striders didn't know what hit them!
How was he getting his counters? Evolve creatures, or Burst of Strength? Because Burst is a solid card in many circumstances. (And yes, Crowned Ceratok is fun as well- and awesome in a Simic deck.)
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He had one Burst and one Ivy Lane Denizen, but the main trouble was the Crowned Ceratoks themselves. My deck did not have instant speed removal that could work on creatures with power GT 2 and it had a lot of 2/3 creatures. Normally 2/3s and Mortus Striders matchup well against 4/3s, but Psychic Strike does not work as a counter against Bloodrush, so double blocking wasn't profitable and Mortus Strider does not prevent trample damage. Had he played no trample creatures I would have been fine game 1, I was only 1 turn away from decking him as it was.

I should have realized this would happen based on what I was passing, but the first pack looked great for Dimir , terrible for Simic and at the point I realized Simic was flowing in pack 2 I had already passed 2 Ceratoks.
A good gruul deck is heavily oriented to common 2 and 3 drops.  While those unc. 4 drops you mention are what gets me into the guild, trample isnt entirely necessary.
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