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Is there a way to equip this on the character using the character builder?   The items says you can wear it when combined with other light or no armour?  Also is the magic armour bonus stackable.  Ie the person has plus 2 leather armour. And now has the eleven chain magic shirt bonus of 1. Do they get the total of plus 3 to ac ?  Thanks
Wondrous items aren't equipped in an item slot in the builder. It should just automatically add the bonus to your AC as long as it's in your inventory.  If you have it in your inventory and the bonus to AC isn't showing up on your character sheet, best bet is to assume the builder is bugged and just pencil it in on your sheet when you print it out.
 And yes, the shirt is designed to be worn with light armor (which is why it's a wondrous item rather than armor) - it does exactly what it says, gives you a  +x item bonus to your AC when wearing light armor or no armor.
 The shirt gives you an Item bonus to AC, whereas your +2 armor gives you an Enhancement bonus to AC, so the two will stack since they're not the same type of bonus.


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