WA-Wenatchee: Gamestore Gaming!

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If anyone out there is looking for a game in the Wenatchee area, I'm going to be starting up a weekly episodic Dungeons & Dragons campaign to celebrate the release of 5th edition! Episodic games are fun and easy for casual players who can't always make it or are still figuring things out. Every session is a brand new adventure in the same setting, like an episode of a TV show--beginning, middle and end, so you always get the feel of having really accomplished something and if you aren't there it doesn't spoil things for anyone, you can jump right in the next week. The setting will be a really open-ended simple campaign setting I've been putting together called the Emberlands.

Drop me a message on Facebook for more information:

Or just drop by the gamestore: Gamesmith Games, in the parking lot behind Target, under the Sew & Vac shop--just look for the giant green d20! The owner is named Brandon and he's an awesome guy. He'll hook you up with whatever you need. Hope to see you around!
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