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Hi all,

I have a great opportunity to prepare for an encounter and would like to collect your ideas.

Our DM ended our last game with a "As you sit and relax at the inn, a beer mug is flying to the back of the head of the party rogue." We can expect a nice inn fight encounter! Seeing this as a great opportunity for fun and role-play, I decided to explore how my wizard would react about the situation. And I decided that while she is all for the extermination of monsters in obscurer dungeons and the blasting of bandits in deep forests, shooting at city dwelling humanoids and destroying the innkeepers posessions is morally reprehesible.

So, just as our play will resume, I'll try to jump on the table, cast cantrip light behind my wizard so its silhouette shine amist the smoke and humidity of the place, have my arms spread out is preachers love to do and shout "STOOOP! There's no need for that!" to interrupt the encounter before it begins (Think of the innkeeper, he didnt do anything to deserve to have his place destroyed!)

Assuming this picture perfect plan fails and as my character loooooove combat, as long as it keeps at the edge of her range powers that is, here are some of the action I could try.
- I dont recall if the DM mentionned where we sat in the inn, but I might just ask to place us close to the middle instead of near to a wall just for the fun and challenge of it.
- She has absolutly no blasts or close range powers and might resort to a lot of screaming and shouting "Go away! Go away! Shoo! Shoo!" if enemies get close to her.
- Flip tables on their sides to build a makeshift fort, or,
- Crawl to behind the bartender's counter as it may offer a more defensive position, and I would be better placed to protect its content,
- Call and draw to her unwilling participant stuck in the fight,
- "Cantrip Mage Hand" tables and chairs out of the combat zone so they are not destroyed,
- "Cantrip Suggestion" to a small group to just drop it and leave,
- Shout at people about to grap beer mugs, bottles or other items "Don't do that, you'll break it!",
- "At-Will Phantom Bolt" to slide people out of the inn,
- "Drinks on me if you stop right now!",
- Freezing Cloud might cool down some heated heads, but when minions and enemies fall unconcious (as my character wouldn't want to kill them) in the zone, do I have to move them out of the zone so the maintained effect doesn't kill them?

We are a party of 7 3rl level characters playing with 4e rules composed of:
a ranger, which actually stated went to bed early,
a fighter,
a bard,
a barbarian,
an artificier,
a rogue,
and my wizard.

My powers are:
- Light
- Mage Hand
- Suggestion
- Whispering Wind
- Arc Lightning
- Phantasmal Assault
- Phantom bolt
Level 1 Encounter :
- Chill Strike
Level 1 Daily: (I can expect the DM to let me select which is prepared)
- Falming Sphere
- Freezing Cloud
Level 2 Utility:
- Shield
- Mystical Debris
Level 3 Encounter:
- Shock Sphere

Got any good ideas? Share them!
laugh at the rougue

Original, deny the fight before it start. I could turn around and ask "Whom ever threw that, could you throw me a leg of lamb to go with it!".

start a puglist brawl.

O that one made me recall the boxing scene of the new Sherlock Holmes!

dont panic, offer a reward, who ever beats the guy who threw something at your friend

Wonderfull, just simply wonderfull!
Cast suggestion on the one who threw the mug? Suggest he beg apology for dampening your spirits... doesn't he know what might happen if SPIRITS become damp in the presence of a wizard? Then cast whispering wind... send a message to the one who threw the mug. Lead the trouble-maker to believe that the voice he here's is from the spirit world.

Hopefully the DM can roll with that and make something cool happen without looking for a rule in the book (there really isn't one) to determine a common thug's reaction to supernatural threats to his body and soul, or any of the other suggestions you and others have put forth. Otherwise, you may as well just blast your Freezing Sphere and go out with a bang.
A rogue with a bowl of slop can be a controller. WIZARD PC: Can I substitute Celestial Roc Guano for my fireball spells? DM: Awesome. Yes. When in doubt, take action.... that's generally the best course. Even Sun Tsu knew that, and he didn't have internets.
Suggest a competition of skill against the person starting the brawl (I assume they see themself as a badass or something).  Make it a competition that, on the surface, looks like the other person will win handily (like arm wrestling or something), but turn it into a popularity thing somehow.

This actually stopped one of my party from being kicked out of a tavern once.  Our Wizard (3.5) suggested to the barkeep that the two of them have an accuracy contest (using a painted bullseye on the wall as the target);  the barkeep (being one of our DM's former characters) chose the weapon:  his magical greatsword (that the Wizard could barely lift, let alone throw).  The barkeep let fly and nailed the target dead-center;  the Wizard took out a piece of paper, wrote something on it, speared it on the sword, and let go.  The player rolled well enough to hit the target, but nowhere near center.  The bartender claimed victory until the Wizard told him to read the note.  It simply said "Ta-da!"...all and sundry then claimed the Wizard won (including the barkeep).

Sometimes, thinking outside the box will defuse a tense situation.   
A great and mighty Wizard, reduced to resolving bar fights? How they mighty have fallen! My friend whatever is going on in that den of vice and ignorance is scarcely worth your notice. I suggest you leave the peasants to their skirmish, and focus on enlightenment. 

If you must stoop to their level, it is wise for you kill them before they can harm you, or kill your minions. 

Screaming things like "GO AWAY" and "STOP FIGHTING" are reasonable things to say if you were fighting reasonable people. However, anyone who would face a mighty Wizard in combat is certainly unreasonable and will perceive those comments as a show of weakness. It is better for you shout them down, and give them pause. For example, when a fool steps up into melee with you "AN HONOR TO FIGHT ME!" is a classic battle cry. "PICK A GOD AND PRAY" is what I usually say when I dedicate my Fireball to incinerating one enemy, though you may use Shock Sphere. A worthy battlecry demands that your enemies dwell upon the only character that matters: you!
Hey, when you're level 1 or 2, you may have to deign to enter a seedy establishment for information. ;)
Besides, nothing says a wizard can't enjoy a good brawl from time to time.
If this were my character from Baldurs Gate II, the solution would be to kill everyone in the room. Chaotic Evil ftw.
solo games= awesome

Its unfortunate that it is so difficult to run one in 4e , i've tried several times but it gets boring being so limited in monster selection.

Because creating custom monsters and/or refluffing is so difficult?
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Hey, when you're level 1 or 2, you may have to deign to enter a seedy establishment for information. ;)

In the same vein, I had a paranoid epic blackguard don a disguise and enter a shady wine sink so he could find out first-hand who might be plotting against him, since he could trust no one and had made so many enemies. This is the same guy who told an innkeeper who wasn't paying his taxes "You can't pay your taxes because you have too many mouths to feed? Guards, let's help this man do his duty.  Kill his children... no... his wife; otherwise we'll be back here again in 9 months."
A rogue with a bowl of slop can be a controller. WIZARD PC: Can I substitute Celestial Roc Guano for my fireball spells? DM: Awesome. Yes. When in doubt, take action.... that's generally the best course. Even Sun Tsu knew that, and he didn't have internets.
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