Against the BALOR! 03.21 packet

Last night I ran a 03.21.2013 playtest, on a lvl 13 group. We changed the character sheets according to the new classes rules and on the end of the night I put a Balor against them. It's a level 18 creature, with a XP budget 50% higher than the "tough" encounter for 5 characters.

The encounter was just so easy to win! They surrounded the demon, weapons on hand, and it didn't stand a chance. The teleport just doesn't make sense, since the 6d6 fire damage aura only triggers if a character starts his turn by his side, then why make PCs chase him if each turn they won't take the aura damage?
I put a hazard where his steps made the floor rain blocks of stone, just to try to compensate the fact that he is a solo monster. And the 50% chance to summon a marilith failed (perhaps the group would have more trouble, but I rolled the dice openly, I didn't cheat).

The Balor focused on a single target all the encounter, but even his 3 attacks were not able to get her down. Everybody was taking 6d6 fire damage per turn, but the cleric was dealing with it, healing and mass healing.

The paladin was trying to disarm every turn, but luckily the Balor passed every Str test. It would be lame for him to lose his sword! But the rules don't say anything about the weapon size (the Balor is huge). Reading the rules after the combat, I think I could put advantage for the monster or disadvantage for the paladin. But it didn't cause trouble.

After the combat, the cleric said he could cast Banishment, but he didn't because he was afraid to spoil the fight with a failed save by the Balor. Yes, a Banishment could have ended the fight earlier, a lvl 18 fiend.

I feld the combats are so much deadlier with 5+ monsters! Solo monsters like the Balor MUST have more reactions. I felt the same about dragons.

The lvl 20 monsters in the other hand, can kill with single blows. Asmodeus kills 2 players lower than 150 HP per turn. I don't know, the strategy is kinda broken somewere, and I feel I must compensate with more environmental dangers and boost monster's HP to make the battles more challenging.

Is the Balor wrong? I used him by the rules, and I don't think I used him wrong. I think that if he summoned a few vroks with 100% chance should have made it more interesting, but I tried the Marilith.
I've found the same thing at lower levels with level 1-2 PCs easily dispatching monsters 2-3 levels higher. Heck a group of level 1s took out a hydra in 2 turns. It just seems with D&D Next currently that  solo monsters just don't work. Which is unfortunate since a demon lord or dragon by itself Should be a challenge, and one of the few occasions I like solo monsters from 4E. 
A few ideas...
Use maximum hp for the solo, not the suggested average. Give the solo a deflect maneuver (or just 1d6 dmg reduction). Grant the solo two initiative turns. Have a group of bodyguards. Nobody important to be solo-level would be w/out aids (even if they are tough enough for to take the whole party). Have him use the whip to grab a weapon or staff (I assume they had magical weapons since he has resistance to nonmagical weapons) and then teleport away. Also, why doesn't he grab a mortal, teleport into the air, and then free action drop them?
In short, no monster functions as a quality Solo right now. W/ a few tweaks they can be more mechanically threatening and last longer. But, their tactics need to change when outnumbered by PCs. Retreating to gather more allies shouldn't be out of scope. Fight smart and dirty. And if a balor is banished, he should be resummoned w/ friends.
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I agree Solos are a problem right now.

It's like they are ignoring all they learned from the 4E Monster Vault. 
Dragons in there, got to act twice and shrug off Stuns
Even Hydras got free action attacks, which could never be taken away.

Right now a lone monster is vulnerable to the lowly level 1 Command spell. I command it to Halt. (I use Magical Might (cleric class ability) to force Disadvantage on the save).

They gave Dragons immunity to Paralyzation, but not Demons and Devils. 

Most NPC bosses are going to be extremely vulnerable to the level 2 Hold Person. Even Asmodeus can be affected by Hold Person. 

Even Magic Resistance can't protect them, there's feats such as Heighten Spell to take that away.

It seems they are pushing us back to the realms of "DM is expected to cheat". Which I was so heartfully thankful to 4E for vanquishing.

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