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Todays random card is...

Armored Ascension

 This card is a lot of fun in casual decks.  It can make creatures huge and give them evasion.  It was also decent in limited as long as you weren't more then 2 colors.

Thumbs up

one of the better Auras

I still prefer this effect of "landtypes matter" in black and green
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Really solid in limited. Not competitive constructed worthy, but I wager it has seen plenty of kitchen table play.

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Escef is correct - this is a house around the kitchen table... Especially on doublestrikers.

I enjoy most of the landtype matters cards, and can be found trying to squeeze some into most of my monocolored decks.

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Thumbs up for kitchen table fun.
great in mono-white knights.
Definitely one of the better auras out there.
thumbs sideways.

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Escef nailed it, I love this when playing against my Wife and teaching her the game...although she has started to steal it since she gets first crack at the cards to make a deck...
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