How do you add total damage in D&D

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Okay, so me and my party that I am playing with right now are having a discussion whether we add all of the Weapon Damage like with. 1d10+5 Damage? On a move like holy strike that deals "1(W) + Str modifier (+4) radiant damage. If you marked the target , you gain a bonus to damage rolls equal to your wis modifier (+1)
And, say I roll a 5 on the 1d10 Would it be like.. 5+5+4+1? Including the target being marked.
You'd deal 1d10 +4 against target               --->  1d10[weapon] + 4 [Strenght] 
You'd deal 1d10 +5 against target marked  --->  1d10[weapon] + 4 [Strenght] + 1 [Holy Strike]
The OP I believe is being confused by the fatc that the friendly character builder helpfully adds together some of the numbers for you.  So at the top it says you do 1d10+5 with your greatsword +1 and in the body of the text it says you do [W] + STR mod.

Remember, your [W] is the weapon dice only, not the summary of damage quicklisted at the top of the card.
Thank you both for the help it was a bit confusing we are using the calculated nubers at the top for the damage it is what made sense to me and treat the body of the card as a guide if the weapon changes
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