What's up with Dungeon and Dragon Mags??

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Why can I only view certain magazines and dl others? It appears this has been an on-going issue for weeks and not being addressed? Why are we paying money monthly or annually if we can't access content??
I think they changed formats recently.   Before, they'd release articles a few at a time, now maybe it's whole issues?  Don't, know, I'm not a subscriber, but I thought I heard something to the effect....

5e really needs something like Wrecan's SARN-FU to support "Theatre of the Mind."

"You want The Tooth?  You can't handle The Tooth!"  - Dahlver-Nar.

"If magic is unrestrained in the campaign, D&D quickly degenerates into a weird wizard show where players get bored quickly"  - E. Gary Gygax



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