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Hello, I am wanting to start up an account so I can play magic online. I more than likely will be setting up an account on my next paycheck. I went to read your Terms and Conditions and found a slight problem that someone may want to fix.

Here it is: 2.2 Tournaments and Events. (a) Eligibility (United States). You must be physically located in a U.S. state in which participation in the tournaments offered through the Game Service is unrestricted by law. Rules governing sweepstakes, contests and tournaments with entry fees and/or prizes are established by individual states. Based on those laws, residents of the following states may not participate in fee-based tournaments with prizes through the Game Service: Arizona, Arkansas, Coecticut, Delaware, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Nevada, Teessee, Texas, Vermont and Washington. 

Last time I checked, Coecticut and Teessee are not U.S states. Is it implying that Conneticut and Tennessee are not affected by this?
Hi Jay,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. You can find the  Terms of Service here:

If you have any questions about details you can contact us via our help site. Click  HERE and log in same as you would log into our forums, then choose the "Email Us" tab, select "Magic: The Gathering" from the pull down, then "Magic: The Gathering Online" and from there choose the next topic and fill out the rest of the form.




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